iOS 11 is now on 65 percent of devices

If there’s one thing Apple is known for, it’s software. And it’s known for getting it out to users on an extensive basis.

Seven weeks in, ‘only’ 52 percent of active iPhones and iPads run iOS 11

The majority of iDevice users are already on iOS 11, but the latest platform version isn’t spreading anywhere near as fast as iOS 10 and 9.

That iPhone slowdown over time may be more slight than you think

At least, on benchmarks, anyways. But the data shows that performance on the iPhone 5s stays relatively consistent between multiple iOS versions.

One week in, iOS 11 is already installed on over 26 percent of iDevices

26.56 percent of iPhone and iPad users have taken the “giant step” or “monumental leap” to iOS 11 one week after release, which is good but not great.

Chronicles of a Windows user gone iPhone (part 1)

Take a look at a Windows user’s experience in trying to switch from an old Windows Phone to an iPhone.

iOS 11 is heading out today to eligible iPhones and iPads, but Apple Pay Cash needs more time

Owners of a large number of “old” iPhones, iPads and even the latest iPod Touch generation can officially update today to the first public iOS 11 build.

Nougat nears 10 percent adoption, Marshmallow finally beats Lollipop in June Android distribution figures

The latest Android distribution numbers are in, and of course, Nougat still trails behind new pack leader Marshmallow and silver medalist Lollipop.

No more 32-bit App Store search results, which further suggests iOS 11 will be 64-bit only

iOS 11 is almost here, and literally all the signs point to the new mobile platform version dropping 32-bit app support altogether.

Google Hangouts on iOS goes deeper with Callkit integration

This integration allows for Hangouts-based calls to be routed through your iPhone’s native dialer app — which has access to your lock screen.

WhatsApp takes Siri integration to the next level by adding the ability to read messages out loud

In a mutually beneficial move, Facebook and Apple have joined hands to greatly improve Siri support for WhatsApp.
iOS 11

Apple is expected to remove 32-bit app support from iOS 11 altogether

We don’t know much about Apple’s fast-approaching iOS 11 build, and one of the few rumors floating around is a bit of a no-brainer.

iOS 10.3.1 rapidly launches to fix a couple of 10.3 bugs, improve overall security

iOS 11 is inching closer and closer, but as always, Apple finds time to optimize and stabilize “old” platform versions, namely iOS 10.

Luca Todesco quits jailbreaking as iOS 10.3 goes out

Find My AirPods gets officially indoctrinated as a feature, but there are some behind-the-scenes development that should get a good lookover.

Apple reduces incidence of iPhone 6 and 6s shutdowns with iOS 10.2.1 stability improvements

If you still experience random iPhone 6 or 6s shutdowns, Apple’s recently released iOS 10.2.1 may fix the problem or at least limit its impact.

Siri can now take voice commands for seamless PayPal transactions in 30 countries

Sending and receiving money with PayPal has never been easier for iOS 10 users worldwide, which can now get Siri to do all the work.

Indian government may buy Cellebrite hacking solution

The Forensic Science Laboratory wants to acquire a tool to decrypt phones with iOS 8 and, potentially, other Android phones.

iOS 10.1.1 update already released to fix Health data viewing bug

At least one more bug is fixed in the newest iOS 10 maintenance update, build number 10.1.1, concerning Apple’s popular Health app.

iOS 10 adoption proceeds at sluggish pace, Tim Cook stresses Android’s doing worse

“Only” 60 percent of the world’s iDevices run iOS 10 as of October 25, which Apple’s CEO didn’t forget to compare to Android Nougat adoption.

Apple opens up October event with focus on accessibility, iPhone 7 photos, Apple TV

Accessibility, iPhone 7, iOS 10. All big subjects to Apple. Apple TV also gets a big update with the TV app and a Live app.

iOS 10.1 beta 5 pushed to public, developer channels

The beta beat for iOS continues on with iOS 10.1. This time around, though, it’s a whopping 2GB large and seems to only be for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 cell issues look to be fixed with iOS 10.0.3 update

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have been struggling with pulling down data on their devices.

Got an iPhone 7 with a broken Home Button? Apple relents with instant virtual one

It used to be that if your iPhone had a broken home button, you would have to hobble over to the accessibility options and turn on a certain feature.

Apple discloses actual iOS 10 adoption rate, and it’s not as impressive as we thought

Third-party market research firms were apparently way too optimistic about early iOS 10 adoption, confirmed at “only” 54 percent by Apple.

iOS 10 adoption comfortably outpaces all previous versions, already at over 66 percent

Around two thirds of all iOS users are reportedly already on the mobile platform’s latest build, iOS 10, embracing it faster than iOS 9 last year.

Apple iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S: 4 Reasons to Upgrade (and 3 Reasons Against)

Has Apple changed enough to convince you to part with your cash for a one year upgrade? Here’s our Apple iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S showdown!