Google I/O 2018 teasing games begin with possible Android Pineapple Cake hint
It could be a false hint, but what if this Google I/O 2018 teasing game is actually confirming the dessert name of the next Android version will be Pineapple Cake?
A Microsoft engineer excuses the Surface Laptop from USB-C
USB-C is too open, he says, and lays the potential out that users will blame Microsoft, not cable manufacturers, for their charging problems.
Android N doesn’t have a dessert name, but it’s most likely version 7.0
There seems to be a lot of (circumstantial) evidence supporting the theory Android N will carry the predictable and fitting 7.0 version number.
Watch the Google I/O 2016 live stream here
In just a few short hours, Google I/O 2016 kicks off in Mountain View, and people all over the world will be able to follow the action live on YouTube.
Google may have much bigger plans for VR than Cardboard, expect details at I/O
Forget Cardboard, as Google has its sights set on a sturdier, higher-end VR headset designed to work with a wide range of Android phones.