Jony Ive

Pocketnow Daily: What Jony Ive Leaving Apple Means… (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about Jony Ive leaving Apples design team, new renders of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and more

Light made the phone with 16 cameras — it wants to make another

But with this imaging startup’s heavy focus on software-driven results, perhaps we’ll see fewer than 16 cameras on this phone.

AT&T will sell Magic Leap augmented reality wares

The partnership involves some money and a whole bunch of infrastructural changes to Magic Leap’s road to commercialization.

Google wants to help KaiOS ‘connect the next billion users’ with $22 million investment

The 2016-founded KaiOS Technologies has managed to secure a high-profile Google investment to accelerate the growth of the “smart feature phone” OS.

HMD plans ‘aggressive’ expansion of Nokia smartphone portfolio with $100 million funding

If you thought HMD Global was busy lately releasing Nokia-branded smartphones around the world, you should buckle up for an even more “aggressive” expansion over the next few months.

Xiaomi IPO could top $10 billion and stifle Hong Kong capital market

The Chinese tech manufacturer is now expected to offer a huge chunk of itself to investors. And by the sounds of it, those investors may want even more.

Xiaomi limits net profit margin goals, pledges to distribute excess to customers

But the Chinese tech company’s modus operandi has always been to operate on low margins, so unless the IPO enables Xiaomi to grow to great heights, don’t expect much sway here.

LG opens dedicated Android software upgrade center in Korea

LG figures it’s worth the cost and the space at its new campus in Seoul to dedicate a team to software updates for its products like its smartphones.

LCD maker Japan Display needs $500 million to make LCDs, not OLEDs

JDI’s biggest client is Apple and, depending on how this year’s iPhones will sell, these moves could leave the company in a lurch.

About 56 million Spotify shares up for grabs on April 3

The company reports in a government filing that CEO Daniel Ek is eligible to sell nearly 16 million of those shares alone.

BB10 still haunts BlackBerry as class action suit is allowed to proceed

New data from another lawsuit has been allowed to be part of the basis of this new lawsuit claiming that BlackBerry misrepresented sales prospects of BlackBerry 10 OS phones.

Spotify IPO will have no underwriting banks

The music streaming company is asking individual investors who are looking more for growth than profits to look into getting shares.

Xiaomi plans to invest $1 billion into Indian ventures

In fact, the company plans to spend that much annually on up to two dozen internet and software startups each year for the next five.

Finland increases stake in Nokia by $1 billion

The government investing arm, Solidium, has increased its stake in the domestically-based company to 3.3 percent and could look for more.

eMagin getting money from Apple, LG, Valve for OLED microdisplays

The company’s known for creating tiny, highly dense OLED displays for viewfinding in military, medical and virtual reality scenarios.

Qualcomm rallies investors against “undervalued” Broadcom acquisition proposal

Qualcomm is appealing to its shareholders to avoid any ballots from Broadcom, which is attempting a hostile takeover of its chipmaking competitor.

Apple plots repatriation, investment in US after tax reform

It has not gotten exactly what it wanted in US tax reform, particularly in repatriation costs. But it will go on ahead with plans to break ground and infuse money into domestic manufacturing.

Spotify plotting direct listing to shirk typical IPO costs

The company may also shed a few of its day one investors with the listing. It could eventually put out stock within the first quarter.

China summons LeEco CEO to address debt, but he declines to go

Jia wants to work on an electric car-making joint venture in the United States, but the Chinese government wants to pull him back to pay his dues.

Apple spends top dollar to ensure smooth future production of Face ID-enabling lasers

To avoid future Face ID production woes, Apple has set aside no less than $390 million for a new Finisar VCSEL manufacturing plant in Sherman, Texas.

Niantic rounds up $200 million ahead of Harry Potter game

The firm was founded inside Google and came out of it with $30 million in funding. As it prepares a game for the Harry Potter franchise, it grabs more.

Big Four US carriers create Mobile Authentication Taskforce in search for a unified method

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are apparently all in for a unified authentication method to better and more efficiently verify user information.

Google reportedly close to investing in or buying HTC

The struggling Taiwanese tech company has been rumored to sell its Vive VR operation with the odd chance of the sale of its whole business.

Piper Jaffray runs survey to prognosticate on iPhone 8 upgrade rate in the US

Consumer sentiment surveys are abound and the investment firms are using them to gauge how they’ll play Apple stock ahead of the iPhone 8 launch.

Essential now worth $1.2 billion, thanks in part to Foxconn

That’s good enough for a “unicorn” company in Silicon Valley parlance, but Essential has yet to actually ship a product. What gives?