Smartphone glass vendor aids FBI sting against Huawei
A glass vendor has been on a twisty ride with Huawei, the FBI and claims that its intellectual property may have been stolen.
Face ID
Face ID has become a new tool for law enforcement
Face ID is supposed to help you keep the information in your iPhone safe, but now it seems it’s going to be more useful for law enforcement to get it
FCC investigating exploit in prison inmate location service used to track other people
Securus allows law enforcement to track prison inmates’ phone calls, but one sheriff abused a feature from software vendor Securus to track other people’s locations.
Huawei P20 Pro review
If Android is nixed, Huawei’s backup OS will not be as robust
If Huawei were ever to come into a “worst-case scenario” and be left without Android and Google’s services, would it still be able to compete?
Huawei now under Department of Justice eye for sanctions breach
A criminal investigation is looking into whether the Chinese tech manufacturer violated US trade sanctions by doing business in Iran.
locked phones
US investigating AT&T and Verizon over eSIM, GSMA pauses its involvement
The GSMA has been working on a standard for embedded SIMs, which would allow users to switch carriers without the need to switch cards and would also get rid of carrier locking. Two carriers wanted to put the kibosh on that.
WHO purportedly increasing carcinogenic classification of wireless radiation this year
An investigation into the wireless industry’s campaign to squash scientific evidence of links between cell phone use and increased cancer risks is making waves.
FTC starts private investigation into Facebook privacy concerns
Among many of them is the fact that Facebook collected the metadata of Android users’ phone calls and text messages. The company says it was an opt-in procedure, but screenshots make the practice more vague than it seems.
Samsung Mobile president apologizes for Note 7 debacle
Batteries in the Galaxy Note 7 have been exploding for weeks and it took until today for the chief of Samsung’s mobile division to publicly apologize.