Google Play Instant just one of many pre-GDC announcements

The feature is an extension of the wider Android Instant Apps initiative where users can try a game out without installing it first.

What is Pocketnow looking forward to in 2018?

Our publication has a wishlist (of sorts) for 2018 — because if it’s for Christmas, you’re trying way too hard. Will the mobile technology scene conform to our desires? Check out the trends we’re looking at.

Android Instant Apps spreads into more Google phones

Instant Apps experiences are spreading out of public testing and into more Pixels and Nexuses. Here’s what to watch out for if you want it.

Android Instant Apps now in public testing

BuzzFeed, Wish, Periscope and Viki will link some of their users to an app experience right off the web — no installation required.

Android Pay support is probably coming to Android Wear watches early next year

Google is apparently working hard behind the scenes to get Android Pay functionality for Android Wear watches ready for primetime soon.