Instagram Reels
The wait is over: you can finally enjoy ads on Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels is a TikTok clone that allows you to create and share short videos with easy-to-use tools.
instagram pocketnow
Instagram could soon pay you a bonus to use its TikTok-clone
Instagram is tipped to be working on delivering a ‘Bonus’ to users who use its TikTok-clone, Reels.
Facebook pocketnow
Facebook is busy cloning an already-cloned Instagram feature for its own app
Facebook is working on its own version of Instagram Reels for the main app.
Instagram Reels
As if Reels weren’t enough on Instagram, FB tests to share them in your News Feed
Instagram recently rolled out its TikTok-clone, Reels on the Lite app.
Instagram rolls out its TikTok-clone, Reels to the Lite app
Instagram Lite has been created to bring the core Instagram experience to people who are unfamiliar with the app.
TikToks and Reels will now appear in Google App for mobile devices
When clicked, it takes you to the web version of the social platform, and not the native mobile app, even if you have it installed.
Instagram Reels and Shop
Instagram REALLY wants you to watch Reels and Shop on its app
While two new buttons come to the navigation bar, Instagram is moving the notification button and ‘add new media’ button at the top of the screen.
Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels gets more like TikTok with new audio features
Instagram has been testing new features lately and really pushing Reels.
Instagram is shoving the Reels button on users’ faces
Instagram, please stop.
Instagram Reels
Instagram targets TikTok creators as Reels go live in India
India is the fourth country after Brazil, France and Germany, where Instagram Reels is currently being tested.