Apple silicon
Pocketnow Daily: EVERYTHING Apple Didn’t Announce, Now Has a Date? (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the new Apple products that we may get next year, Instagram changes and more.
Vanish mode
Disappearing messages will soon be a part of Messenger and Instagram
It is already available on Messenger in the US and a handful of other countries.
Instagram Reels and Shop
Instagram REALLY wants you to watch Reels and Shop on its app
While two new buttons come to the navigation bar, Instagram is moving the notification button and ‘add new media’ button at the top of the screen.
Instagram Messenger API
Instagram DMs get customer service chats with Messenger API
It will allow businesses to handle Instagram messages through third-party apps.
Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels gets more like TikTok with new audio features
Instagram has been testing new features lately and really pushing Reels.
Instagram Threads
Instagram Threads is getting an update, and no one knows why
It affects all four users of the app.
Instagram chat update brings cross-platform messaging experience with Messenger
Instagram now lets you share disappearing messages, reply to a specific message in a conversation and forward messages to up to 5 people.
Facebook’s new Accounts Center will let you cross-share posts and stories on Instagram
The Facebook Accounts Center will also let users enter their Facebook Pay information only once and automatically carry it over to Instagram.
Instagram Reels update brings longer videos, new edit features
Now, users can create 30-second videos and extend the timer to 10 seconds while they are recording.
Facebook is giving creators more control over the usage of their images
Creators can choose to monitor the usage of their images, block it or attribute the right credit via an ownership link on the post.
Instagram Stories now show up on Facebook for some users as part of a test
Facebook has confirmed that only those who follow you on Instagram can view your Instagram Story on Facebook.
Facebook dark mode
Man selling fake Instagram likes gets sued by Facebook
Facebook has also sued MobiBurn, a developer that used malicious software to collect Facebook data from users.
Instagram Suggested Posts
Instagram wants you to scroll forever as it now shows posts from strangers in your feed
Dear Instagram, please STOP ruining my experience on the app.
Instagram’s QR codes feature is rolling out globally
These QR codes can be scanned by any camera app.
First signs of a unified Instagram and Messenger chat finally appear with the latest update
A Messenger button now appears in the Instagram app, but cross-platform chat between Messenger and Instagram is not available yet.
Facebook is now sued over allegedly gathering biometric data on Instagram
Facebook may be facing new legal issues, as a new lawsuit claims that it has been harvesting biometric data from Instagram users
Instagram retained your private messages even after you deleted them
The bug was fixed earlier this month.
Instagram is shoving the Reels button on users’ faces
Instagram, please stop.
Instagram Live streams
Instagram will ask users to verify their identity if an account shows suspicious behavior.
If an individual refuses to verify the identity behind it, Instagram will reduce the visibility of content posted from that account and it will also be disabled.
Instagram rolls out a Personal Fundraiser feature in the US
As of now, the Personal Fundraiser feature is live on Android, but will soon be available on the iOS app as well.
Instagram Reels
Reels, Instagram’s own TikTok rival, is set to launch in the US next month
Instagram will debut Reels in United States and more than 50 other countries in August.
Instagram’s revamped Shop experience in Explore goes live in the US
To make payments seamless, the company is also adding support for Facebook Pay that also supports biometric authentication as a layer of security.
Instagram Reels
Instagram targets TikTok creators as Reels go live in India
India is the fourth country after Brazil, France and Germany, where Instagram Reels is currently being tested.
Instagram now lets all users pin comments to the top of their feed post
The pinned comments will help set the tone of the conversation by highlighting the positive responses and making it easier to manage negative reactions.
Facebook, Instagram now prominently advise you to wear a mask and read health tips
There’s also a link to CDC’s database where you can read more about the importance of wearing face masks and the preventive steps to keep yourself safe.