Apple reportedly about to skirt Qualcomm injunction in Germany with new iPhone 7, iPhone 8 models

Qualcomm has attempted to stem iPhone sales in Germany over a patent infringement grudge, but Apple may have found itself a way out.

Qualcomm suffers blow as judge sides with Apple on infringment suit

And the trial has yet to officially start! The latest develpments in this case of many cases of growing animosity between the two companies favor Apple.

Samsung contesting $539 million payment to Apple in patent infringement case

The Korean tech company is also looking for a refund on damages it had to pay on a design patent that was later ruled invalidated.

Apple v. Samsung: $533 million for design patent infringement

From what it sounds like, it seems like this verdict will be bring about a break in the court fighting between Apple and Samsung for now.

Xiaomi still can’t register Mi Pad trademark in Europe due to iPad similarity

The Android-powered Xiaomi Mi Pad tablet family cannot be protected by EU trademark laws, as the brand closely resembles Apple’s iPad.

Apple counters Qualcomm battery patent infringement claims with its own

Qualcomm accused Apple of violating its battery patents. Apple denied those claims and then came back with accusations of its own.

Essential Products infringing on “Spigen Essential” franchise, letter claims

Spigen uses the registered term “Essential” to describe its value-level phone accessories. The patent office even blocked Essential Products’ filings.

Apple takes Swatch to Swiss court for Bellamy’s eerily familiar ‘Tick different’ slogan

It’s almost like Swatch wanted to enrage Apple, first with a “One more thing trademark”, then by using a “Tick different” Bellamy ad motto.

Samsung to pay Huawei over patent infringements in China

One lawsuit between the two smartphone manufacturers has ended with the Chinese side taking a win. Others have yet to play themselves out.

Apple indirectly goes after Nokia in patent lawsuit, Nokia aggressively countersues

Nokia and Apple are right back at it again after years of relative peace, bringing patent-related legal action against each other in US and Germany.

Apple sues accessories maker for counterfeit chargers on Amazon

The chargers were sourced by Amazon and the e-marketplace fulfills orders. Reviews have reported these chargers to explode.

Qualcomm files complaint against Meizu on patent infringement allegations

Qualcomm will seek justice in the Beijing Intellectual Property Court for what it feels is a blatant disregard of patent license agreements with Meizu.