Google is finally bringing Smart Reply suggestions to Gmail for Android and iOS

First, it was exclusive to Inbox. Then, it expanded to Allo chats. And now, after waiting a little too long, regular Gmail users can enjoy Smart Reply.

Talk conversationally dirty to me, Google

Fifty Shades of Google? Well, not really, but if you ask Inbox to write up a Smart Reply for you, it’ll do so with the help of 2,685 romance novels.

Gmail joins six other Google services in billion-user club

Following in the footsteps of Google Search, Chrome, Android, Google Play, Maps, and YouTube, Gmail recently exceeded a billion monthly active users.

Google optimizes Inbox search with new at-a-glance answers

See what Google Inbox search is doing to help better connect you with all the data living in your email.

Inbox by Gmail streamlines response messages with Smart Reply

Learn how Inbox by Gmail is looking to speed up your email responses with pre-written Smart Reply suggestions.

Inbox Android app gets two new widgets for setting reminders, composing email

Two new Inbox Android widgets have been added in the app’s latest iteration, which will let you compose email messages or set reminders.

Google updates Wallet and Inbox Android apps

The Google app updates continue this week, with the two latest additions to the list of refreshed apps being Wallet and Inbox.

Android Lollipop imminent, new Nexuses nearing, no more Nokia | Pocketnow Weekly 119

On this week’s show: the first Nexus videos trickle out, Android Lollipop gets a release date, & one of mobile’s oldest brands starts fading fast. Join us!

Google updates email for 2014 with launch of Inbox for iOS and Android

Discover the brand new Google Inbox, and start learning how it differs from the Gmail you’re familiar with.