LCD panel with in-display fingerprint scanner? Yes, says 3M
3M is announcing the development of NITS which enables smartphones featuring LCD displays to use in-display fingerprint sensors of the optical kind.
Leaked video of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ confirms design and other features
New leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ reveal some key design features, and they also confirm that it won’t include a headphone jack
Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Fold is Ready… Sort Of? (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Fold and how it’s supposed to be ready, Apple’s take on Ive’s departure and more
BOE develops in-display fingerprint scanner for LCD displays, starts production by end of 2019
Chinese display manufacturer BOE announced that it developed the technology required to place an in-display fingerprint scanner inside an LCD panel.
OLED panels paired with in-display fingerprint scanners get cheaper
A report not only mentions that the price gap between OLED panels and LCD screen is shrinking, but also claims in-display fingerprint scanners get cheaper.
Video of working Galaxy S10+ reveals fingerprint scanner limitations
A recent video uploaded by an accessory maker indirectly reveals some of the possible Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ fingerprint scanner limitations.
Buttonless vivo APEX 2019 is company’s first 5G phone
It’s thin, seamless, has a big, bright, buzzing display and isn’t exactly ready to be sold yet. But we’ll get our first hands-on experiences at MWC 2019.
Xiaomi teases in-display fingerprint scanner with large active area
Xiaomi’s president is teasing a new breed of in-display fingerprint scanner which has a much larger active area than others.
Samsung Galaxy S10 might bring triple cameras, and a punch hole cutout
Now Evan Blass gives us more information on what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S10 that would not be receiving the notch after all
Galaxy S10 as well as Samsung mid-rangers to use ultrasonic fingerprint scanners?
According to a recent report, Samsung has placed orders with Qualcomm for ultrasonic fingerprint scanners to be used on both flagships and mid-rangers.
The OnePlus 6T invites us to ‘tap into the future’ in a new video
OnePlus has released a new video that invites us ‘tap into the future’ and basically to accept the changes coming in the OnePlus 6T
Possible launch date for the OnePlus 6T according to leaked invitation
The new OnePlus 6T may be presented soon, and according to a leaked invitation we could also have a confirmation for the date of the event
in-display fingerprint scanner
The Galaxy S10 will not be the first Samsung with in-display fingerprint scanner
We’re all expecting the Galaxy S10 to be the first Galaxy featuring an in-display fingerprint scanner. The Galaxy P30 might be the one though.
First real life images of the new OnePlus 6T are here
Certain images have appeared on Weibo that could be featuring the new OnePlus 6T ahead of its launch next month, but is it the 6T?
New renders make the OnePlus 6T look chunky and we get more rumors
We’re not getting a headphone jack with the new OnePlus 6T, but at least we’re getting some improvements that make the phone a bit chunky
The OnePlus 6T will have in-display fingerprint sensor CONFIRMED
We get an official confirmation of in-display fingerprint sensors in the new OnePlus 6T smartphones that are coming on October
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Note 8
China could get a Samsung Galaxy phone with in-display fingerprint sensor first
We could see the first Samsung Galaxy smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor coming to China this year before the Galaxy S10 flagship
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Note 8
We could see in-display fingerprint sensors in all Samsung Galaxy S10 models
We get news from South Korea that give us in-display fingerprint sensors in all Samsung Galaxy S10 models with differences in technology
in-display fingerprint scanner
In-display fingerprint scanner shipments on the rise
100 million units to be shipped in 2019, as in-display fingerprint scanners will become a standard next year for mid-to-high-end smartphones.
How much would you pay for the Xiaomi Mi 8X with in-display fingerprint scanning?
It has aspects of the Mi 8 SE and supposedly has a big feature grabbed right from the Mi 8 Explorer Edition. How much will it be?
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Note 8
Qualcomm’s in-display fingerprint sensors will provide extra functions in Samsung smartphones
Enter and find out about the new functions that are coming to Samsung smartphones thanks to Qualcomm’s in-display fingerprint sensors