OLED panels paired with in-display fingerprint scanners get cheaper

A report not only mentions that the price gap between OLED panels and LCD screen is shrinking, but also claims in-display fingerprint scanners get cheaper.

Xiaomi teases in-display fingerprint scanner with large active area

Xiaomi’s president is teasing a new breed of in-display fingerprint scanner which has a much larger active area than others.

Samsung patent describes behind-display fingerprint scanner for phones and watches

A recently uncovered Samsung patent describes all the hardware that could be added for behind-the-screen biometrics on phones and watches.

Galaxy S10 as well as Samsung mid-rangers to use ultrasonic fingerprint scanners?

According to a recent report, Samsung has placed orders with Qualcomm for ultrasonic fingerprint scanners to be used on both flagships and mid-rangers.

Xiaomi makes way in the UK for Mi 8 Pro, Mi 8 Lite

One of China’s budding tech hot shots is rushing into the United Kingdom with a couple of phones and a foreign taste of Android.
OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T announced as a tap into the future

This Android phone has been promoted to give consumers “the speed you need,” and it’s been better positioned than any of its predecessors to do so.
Galaxy S10 optical in-display fingerprint scanner

Samsung patent filing hints Galaxy S10 optical in-display fingerprint scanner

A recent WIPO patent filing clearly hints towards a Galaxy S10 optical in-display fingerprint scanner if you look at the pictures and description.

OnePlus “unlocks” first Twitter teaser of the OnePlus 6T

And for the adventurous types who want to be able to test things out first, they can sign up for OnePlus’s “The Lab” program.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth and Mi 8 Pro come to China

One iterates on an entry-level flagship while the other is also an iteration, but this one on a more advanced level with in-display fingerprint sensing.

OPPO R17 Pro detailed with triple-cameras, in-display fingerprint scanner

The OPPO R17 Pro has no more secrets. The manufacturer published all the details of the phone, and it packs a ton of killer features.

Nokia 9 rumors are ramping up again with Snapdragon 845 and in-display fingerprint recognition

Reportedly codenamed A1P, A1 Plus and AOP, HMD Global’s first true flagship is likely to go official at IFA Berlin as the OLED-sporting Nokia 9.

Almost bezelless Vivo NEX uses pop-up camera to remove the need for a notch

Based on a bonkers APEX concept from a few months ago, the Vivo NEX is real and not as pricey as you may have expected, with no notch and almost no bezels.
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Note 8

Two extra weeks for Galaxy Note 9 to make it thinner

How much of a difference will 0.5mm make? About two weeks’ worth of difference. That said, the Note 9 was on an early track for release anyways…

Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi 8 Explorer Edition and Mi 8 SE phones are official in China

To celebrate the company’s eight anniversary, Xiaomi has officially taken the wraps off the highly anticipated Mi 8, as well as the truly remarkable Mi 8 Explorer Edition and slightly lower-end Mi 8 SE.

Galaxy S10 will have Qualcomm’s ultrasound in-display fingerprint sensor

Next year’s big Samsung phone will be able to take fingerprint authentication directly through its display. And, with the state of the smartphone market, not a moment too soon.

Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi 8 SE and Mi Band 3 info and images crop up ahead of announcement

It looks like that oft-rumored Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone will be joined to market by a smaller, slightly lower-end Mi 8 SE with an iPhone X-style notch of its own and a Snapdragon 710 processor. The Mi Band 3 is also coming.

Vivo X21 goes on sale in India at around $525 with in-display fingerprint sensor

Not exactly affordable, the $525 or so Vivo X21 is not exorbitantly priced either for what it brings to India, in-display fingerprint recognition included.

New hands-on video purports to show Xiaomi Mi 8 version with translucent back

Just in case the fast-approaching Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone didn’t feel exciting enough, a freshly leaked video appears to confirm both in-display fingerprint recognition and an eye-catching translucent backplate.

Xiaomi Mi 8 announcement scheduled for May 31, starting price could be as low as $440

To celebrate the company’s eight anniversary, an ultra-high-end Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone will be unveiled on May 31, possibly with in-display fingerprint recognition and 3D facial scanning in tow.

vivo X21 with in-display fingerprint sensor launching on Flipkart May 29

The phone is pretty much all but called out on Flipkart’s mobile app right now, but it will take another week before we know all about it.

Xiaomi Mi 8, not Mi 7, expected to support in-display fingerprint recognition soon

The Xiaomi Mi 8 could be released instead of the Mi 7 or shortly after the company’s long overdue next flagship phone with groundbreaking in-display fingerprint recognition in tow.

Special Vivo X21 World Cup Edition and selfie-centric X21i expand the company’s notch lineup

The popular China-first Vivo X21 smartphone is getting two new versions, one celebrating the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup and the other upgrading the front-facing camera.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

Yes, the Galaxy S10 will most likely be Samsung’s first phone with in-display fingerprint sensor

Samsung reportedly wants its in-display fingerprint scanner to be significantly more accurate and durable than existing optical solutions, thus holding it off for the Galaxy S10 next year.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

Samsung Galaxy S10 codename revealed, 3D sensing struggles rumored

We’re not sure this will even be called the Samsung Galaxy S10, but it’s probably codenamed “Beyond”, and it may not be able to implement 3D sensing facial recognition technology.

Vivo X21 brings in-display fingerprint scanner to Singapore ahead of ‘global’ expansion

Up for grabs only in China at the moment, the groundbreaking Vivo X21 with under-display fingerprint recognition technology is set to expand to Singapore later this week, also heading to other “global” markets in the near future.