Galaxy S10 in-display fingerprint sensor broken by JerryRigEverything

The YouTuber known for his scratch, bend and burn tests of the latest smartphones tested the limits of the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor of the S10.

Apple supplier Largan expects triple-camera demand from other OEMs to boom

Apple may have suffered big losses from iPhone sales thus impacting Largan, but the glass supplier isn’t worried and is focusing on more applications.

Essential has concepts of a phone with its selfie camera under the display

We’ve brought the fingerprint sensor underneath the smartphone display. When will the selfie camera come under, too? Essential’s thinking about it.

Apple patents its own sonic-imaging Touch ID method

Qualcomm has slowly been developing ultrasonic fingerprint sensing technology for years. Apple has its own take in a new patent. Is Touch ID back?

Apple supplier ams launches behind-the-screen optical sensor

Apple supplier ams has announced its latest integrated circuit which allows optical sensors to be placed behind the screen.
Galaxy S10 optical in-display fingerprint scanner

Samsung patent filing hints Galaxy S10 optical in-display fingerprint scanner

A recent WIPO patent filing clearly hints towards a Galaxy S10 optical in-display fingerprint scanner if you look at the pictures and description.

OnePlus 6T in-display fingerprint sensor confirmed to work optically

OnePlus had confirmed that the 6T would have a fingerprint sensor beneath its display. Now, it has also confirmed how that component will work.

Qualcomm’s in-display fingerprint sensor will be on the Galaxy S10

Sense ID beams ultrasonic waves to fingerprints and the sensor reads back echoes to authenticate users. Samsung may be looking to this security measure.

Galaxy S10 hoped to have 3D sensor to leave behind iris scanner

Samsung wants to have better biometric security measures come 2019 and it thinks that it can have a dot-projection facial sensor in time.