Odds for loot box prizes must be disclosed in App Store

If a game makes users pay to have at a loot box, Apple thinks customers should know how much of a chance they have at getting certain prizes.

On average, five percent of people make in-app purchases

According to AppsFlyer, only about 5 percent of all users in the world buy stuff through apps on their phone. But when they do, they make it known.

One million Miitomo users play every day

Nintendo made $40,000 every day of last week, according to SurveyMonkey. But is this how good it will get for the company’s first mobile game, Miitomo?

Candy Crush maker acquired for $5.9 billion; that’s a lot of in-app purchases

Bolstered by the success of Candy Crush Saga and its other apps, the King Digital sale has just netted the company almost $6 billion.

Ads vs paid apps: Which do you prefer? (poll)

Regardless of cost, apps aren’t free. They take time & effort to create & maintain but users don’t like to fork over cash for paid apps. Are ads any better?