Apple sued over iMessage, FaceTime encryption patent infringement

Finnish company MPH Technologies got Apple sued over patent infringement. iMessage and FaceTime are infringing its patents.

How bad can spam get on iMessage? Extremely bad

Chinese carriers filter out text messages for sensitivie subjects as well as spam. Apple is not really into censoring. Enter the spam.

Apple’s giving a new camera (and some tongue) to Messages and Memoji

Animoji can now capture you sticking out your tongue. You can also FaceTime with up to 31 of your closest friends in just a single call.

iOS 11.4 finally allows storage of Messages in iCloud

Unlike other chat clients and other cloud storage platforms, Apple’s ecosystem didn’t link one to the other for personal backups… until now.

Can we stop blaming Google for Chat’s lack of end-to-end encryption?

Google’s new Chat app is not even out yet, and already being criticized for its approach and lack of encryption. Read more as to our take of why that is.

Patent troll wins another $500 million+ from Texas jury, but Apple is unlikely to pay

Notorious patent troll VirnetX has one more reason to celebrate, being awarded more than half a billion dollars by a US jury in its seemingly never-ending dispute with Apple. But the decision will be appealed.

Apple is fixing Siri bug allowing hidden notifications to be read

It’s an easy breach of privacy and all someone needs to do to get at it is to take your iPhone and ask Siri to read out your notifications.

Entry-level iMessage on Android now available with weMessage

iMessage is finally on Android, though it will take a good few moments of setup and a macOS device to get some basic features.

Apple Pay Cash applet can be deleted, but it can’t be re-downloaded

The iMessage app can be deleted, but, for some reason, can’t be re-downloaded anyhow unless the user factory resets the device.

YouTube links up with iMessage for instant video linkage, playback in threads

You can look up videos and play them back right from the iMessage thread. You can also finally share a video from the YouTube app to iMessage.

Google encourages iPhoners to move to Android with new backups strategy

It has a new guide for best practices on the Android website and a new backup function for contacts and calendar events on Google Drive for iOS.

Google launches Jibe RCS cloud service with Sprint

Sprint will be using Google’s cloud servers to pass along RCS messages, — the imminent step up from SMS — but what does this mean for Allo?

If iMessage on Android ever existed, an Allo dev would expect no SMS

One developer for Google’s competing Allo app says no. Why? Platform lock-in and making sure Android users switch to iOS.

iOS 10.2 public beta includes new emoji and tweaks to UI

Several dozen new emoji have actually come along in this update as well as some more camera tweaking and a celebration for iMessage.

A tale of iMessage on Android and of Apple opening source

A rumor claims that Apple designers made mock-ups of what iMessage could have looked like on Android. That project may still be dead.

Google Hyperdrives to Andromeda, and Blackberry Black-holes | #PNWeekly 220

Google Hyperdrives to Andromeda! Will Android and Chrome finally merge? Also, no more in-house hardware from Blackberry? #PNWeekly Podcast episode 220!

iMessage logs the numbers you contact, Apple may send them to police

It does not matter whether you send the person a message or not, it matters that you typed in that person’s number on iMessage.

Good business dictates that iMessage on Android cannot happen

Not unless Apple wants to lose money. It believes that iMessage is a huge reason why people buy iPhones and iPads. What makes it different from Apple Music?

Would you install iMessage on Android if it became available?

WWDC’s keynote has come and gone, and with it, we have seen…

iMessage on iOS 10 gets fancy, calls too

When you buy a phone, mission one for the thing is to…

iMessage for Android may come at WWDC

The encrypted messaging service that is currently exclusive to iPhones and iPads may expand to welcome in the people of the green bubble: Android.

Patent firm Voip-Pal looks for $7 billion as it sues Apple, AT&T, Verizon

Voip-Pal is looking for $7 billion in cumulative damages from the suits against the three companies or licensing agreements.

iMessage on Android? If Pie Message can get developers’ help

Eric Chee has developed an iMessage client for Android that’s very much still in the larval stages. Maybe you can help him out?

Apple autocorrect patent may give iMessage interface to clear things up

Sooner or later, you might not have to go in loops asking for a clarification on a text? Apple might point out autocorrected words.

Apple’s iMessage encryption is ‘weak’, but at least one critical flaw will get iOS 9.3 patch

iMessage encryption was found to be susceptible to the right cyber-attacks by a team of researchers, with Apple’s security features in general questioned.