HTC U12+ will be the company’s only flagship of 2018

The one big flagship release will be the hill of the year for HTC to fare against future spring and fall phones from the competition.

Broadcom loses Qualcomm, has Apple lost Siri? | #PNWeekly 296

Former employees say Siri never had a way to lose because Apple never set a way forward for it. Also, Broadcom banned from acquiring Qualcomm.

HTC Imagine (U12+) has four cameras, less bezels

What to imagine about HTC’s Imagine? A lot of the specs have already been laid out, but what’s the real name of this phone? And when will it come out?

Possible HTC U12 sighting reported in Taiwan, mystery mid-ranger also benchmarked

Believe it or not, the unreleased HTC U12 flagship phone, codenamed Imagine, may have been shown off in public in Taiwan last week.