Neffos X1 and X1 Max help TP-Link break the ice at IFA 2016
Will we hear of TP-Link’s further ventures into the smartphone space? We’ll have to see if the Neffos X1 and X1 Max make a name for themselves first.
Archos 133 Oxygen only has massive screen and low price point going for it
In case you’re wondering why you didn’t hear about the Archos 133 Oxygen earlier, it’s because this gargantuan tablet isn’t anything special.
Alcatel Move connected wearable line includes two watches, a bracelet, and a tiny GPS tracker
A presumably affordable quartet of Alcatel Move wearables, headlined by two smartwatches, wraps up IFA 2016 for the smart device manufacturer.
There’s our IFA 2016 wrap-up, but BOOM goes the Note 7 | Pocketnow Weekly 216
We get with it with Withings, hang around Huawei, pity Samsung and Galaxy Note 7 owners and talk a whole bunch about buses in Berlin on our Weekly podcast!
IFA 2016 sees Lenovo K6 Note, K6 Power, K6
Lenovo keeps on kicking out some K phones and at IFA 2016, we’re knowing them. Check out a quick spec sheet for the K6, K6 Power and K6 Note.
Michael Kors Smartwatch First Impressions: A stylish take on Android Wear
Two of Michael Kors most popular watch styles now they come with Android Wear. Here’s our Michael Kors Smartwatch First Impressions!
Huawei MediaPad M3 Unboxing and First Look: It’s Loud!
There are tablets, loud speakers, and then the combination of both in the new Huawei MediaPad M3, which proves to be louder than average
Sony Xperia X Compact first look: The only small premium Android phone?
Is this the only premium, small form factor android phone available? Here’s our Sony Xperia X Compact first look from IFA 2016!
TomTom unveils body composition-tracking smartband, two new GPS fitness watches
GPS technology specialist TomTom has a trio of intriguing new smart wearables in the pipeline, including a body fat-measuring activity tracker.
Huawei Nova Plus first look: Premium pretty at a mid-pack price
The Huawei Nova Plus looks decidedly premium on the surface for a mid-ranger, with our IFA 2016 hands-on preview video bound to make you drool.
The Jabra Elite Sport are the wireless earbuds you can dunk in water
In fact, you could almost swim with them… but you wouldn’t because stuff in your ears and water isn’t terribly practical. Jabra still claims a first.
Alcatel Vision might be the powerful all-in-one VR headset we’ve all been waiting for
Out of nowhere, the Alcatel Vision breaks cover at IFA 2016 as one of the world’s very few VR gadgets not needing a smartphone or PC to function.
Huawei Nova and Nova Plus are now official with upper mid-range specs, premium designs
The Huawei Nova is a new pocket and fashion-friendly mid-end smartphone lineup, containing standard 5-inch and “Plus” 5.5-inch models.
Lenovo Yoga 910 and Yoga Tab 3 Plus bring hi-res with low-impact form factors
The Yoga 910 is a convertible tablet that runs Windows 10 on a thin chassis and up to a 4K display. The Yoga Tab 3 Plus is a 2K Android multimedia beast.
Thin, screen-ful Lenovo Yoga Book runs on Android or Windows 10
This convertible tablet does not have a physical keyboard — it deals with a digital one — and can take a stylus on its screen or on paper with real ink.
Samsung Gear S3 announcement brings Classic and Frontier designs, more technology
Samsung’s latest smartwatch features two impactful designs, a heavy dose of Samsung Pay, GPS and other sensors, and an unknown release path.
Nubia Z11 gets re-released at IFA 2016, with a starting price of €500 for the old continent
The previously China-only (ZTE) Nubia Z11 smartphone brings its bezel-less (at least on the vertical) design excellence to Europe for a price.
Pre-IFA Archos lineup also includes rugged 50 Saphir and 4GB RAM 55 Diamond Selfie
Archos has a bunch of new affordable Android phones headed for IFA Berlin, including a rugged 5-inch model, and 5.5-inch 4GB RAM powerhouse.
Huawei Nova, Nova Plus, and MediaPad M3 essentially confirmed for IFA launches
Huawei’s pre-IFA September 1 press event in Berlin will almost certainly bring to light mid-range Nova and Nova Plus phones, as well as a MediaPad M3 tab.
Blass: HTC One A9 getting “S” year upgrade during IFA
Will HTC fly at IFA 2016 with the One A9s, a follow-on to last year’s “fall flagship”? Or is it just going to eat at the Desire 10 phones to come?
Sony Xperia X Compact benchmark purportedly shows amped up specs [UPDATE]
Sony’s small smartphone for this year may have been outed, but has it been on the up and up for the first time ever? As in up in the pixel count?
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus 10 gets unofficial photoshoot, also spilling the specs beans
As the unimaginative name suggests, the purported Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus 10 doesn’t radically alter its predecessor’s design or internals.
Apple’s Touch Disease, Verizon gimps the Note 7, and IFA 2016 Spoilers | Pocketnow Weekly 215
Is Touch Disease affecting your iPhone? We talk about it. Plus Verizon’s gimping the Note 7, and our favorite IFA 2016 spoilers ahead on our podcast!
Archos unveils new low-cost Helium phones with fingerprint and up to 3GB RAM ahead of IFA
The pre-IFA-unveiled Archos 50f Helium and 55 Helium phones stand out with a fingerprint sensor and up to 3GB RAM respectively in addition to low prices.
Mostly familiar Sony Xperia X Compact and Xperia XZ specifications rumored
It’s practically confirmed – Sony plans to take the wraps off a 4.6-inch and 5.2-inch Xperia X Compact and Xperia XZ at IFA 2016 with SD820 power.