Microsoft still has Windows 10 Mobile phones for sale, even though they were out of stock for a bit
The Microsoft Store was completely out of stock of Windows 10 Mobile phones for a time last week, but they have been replenished this week. There are two models remaining.
Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 Mobile enters impulse buy territory at $99.99
Regardless of your natural distrust of obsolete software platforms, you should definitely consider the latest Alcatel Idol 4S deal on premium hardware grounds.
Microsoft’s Black Friday deals include Surface Pro bundles, discounted MR headsets and phones
One of the most extensive, diverse, rich and compelling collections of Black Friday 2017 deals unveiled thus far comes from the US Microsoft Store.
TCL sells Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 Mobile and VR goggles for crazy low $225 on Amazon
Windows 10 Mobile is pretty much dead, and there’s no sequel for the Alcatel Idol 4S in sight, but the phone/VR headset remains a killer bargain.
T-Mobile kills Windows 10-powered Alcatel Idol 4S already, sequel feels unlikely
No more Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 Mobile and VR headset on T-Mobile’s official US website, though you can still buy it unlocked from Microsoft.
Microsoft might be planning to roll out Windows 10 Creators Update to a lousy 13 phones
How dead are Windows phones? So dead that only 13 of them are apparently eligible for Microsoft’s latest mobile platform update.
As expected, T-Mobile will officially launch VR-enabled Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 next week
Windows 10 Mobile is still alive, and the platform’s first VR-capable device is the oft-rumored Alcatel Idol 4S, headed for T-Mobile soon.
Alcatel Idol 4s with Windows 10 launching on T-Mobile November 10 at $470
We are 99.9 percent sure that Alcatel is launching a top-end Windows 10 Mobile phone next week. What we didn’t know was how affordable it was going to be.
Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 Mobile has its full specs revealed ahead of T-Mobile launch
Mere days before a probable T-Mobile commercial debut, the Windows 10 Mobile-based Alcatel Idol 4S clears up all hardware mysteries.
T-Mobile Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 leaked… well, the box of it, anyways
Well, it’s a box. And all we know is that there’s a new name for that Idol 4 Pro we’ve been watching from Alcatel this year.
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BlackBerry DTEK50 pre-orders arrive at US$299
Customers in several major markets can now pre-order the latest mid-range Android device from BlackBerry, the DTEK50 — produced by TCL.
Alcatel Idol 4S pre-orders in US up on July 15 at $350
The latest spotlighted device from Alcatel is glassy, bassy and packed full of accessories. Its also $399.99, but you can save $50 by pre-ordering it.
Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 is essentially Alcatel Idol 4s
All the specs of Vodafone’s new Smart Platinum 7 look quite like the yet-to-be-released Alcatel Idol 4s. And the former’s about to be sold for £300.
Rumors put Windows 10 Mobile powerhouse Alcatel Idol 4 Pro on T-Mobile
If fruition comes to these leaks, Alcatel may find itself turn from sleeper cell in the mobile industry to a major grower.
Alcatel Idol 4 Pro render arrives, Windows 10 and Idol 4S-like hardware in tow
The no doubt approaching Windows 10 Mobile-based Alcatel Idol 4 Pro, or Idol Pro 4, will apparently resemble the Idol 4S both on the outside and inside.
S7 versus G5 at MWC 2016 | Pocketnow Weekly 189
Samsung and LG have debuted their leading and competing options for Android smartphones this year at MWC. Listen to us yap and see what you think about them.
Alcatel OneTouch simplifies its branding: just straight-up Alcatel now
Alcatel OneTouch is streamlining its operations with a new, simpler Alcatel brand.
Alcatel brings new Idol 4 and Idol 4S flagships to MWC 2016
Get the full launch details on the new Alcatel Idol 4 and Idol 4S, the company’s latest flagship-class Androids.
Alcatel Idol Pro 4 ‘superphone’ tipped with Windows 10, Continuum, SD820 SoC
In addition to a couple of non-Pro Android versions, there’s an Alcatel Idol Pro in the works apparently with Windows 10 and Snapdragon 820.
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Alcatel OneTouch leak outs upcoming handsets, reveals cool VR-viewer packaging
From new Idol, Pop, and Pixi phones, to a bizarre (and pretty cool) Idol 4S VR-viewer box, this MWC Alcatel OneTouch leak covers a ton of new hardware.
Android Mirrors, fancy Fitbits and a VAIO Windows phone | Pocketnow Weekly 186
Google gets in deeper with Nexus, Galaxy S7 renders leak, and Turing and Fitbit compete for our lulz on the latest episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast!
Alcatel OneTouch accidentally posts product pages for Idol 4, Idol 4S
An accidental publication has revealed Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4 specs in advance of the phone’s launch.