IDC records 88,000 shipments for Essential Phone

How full or empty is the glass for Android co-creator Andy Rubin’s Essential? Depends on how you look at the company itself rather than the phone.

In global market share fight, Huawei Mate 10 may send Apple into third place

As of the second quarter, Apple leads Huawei by 0.7 percentage points in the smartphone sales market share game. The Mate 10 may close the gap.

IDC: iPad sales down as Windows 10 shakes up tightening tablet market

Make this four years plus of losses for Apple. What for? The number of tablets shipped in a quarter. It still has a heady lead against number two Samsung.

Wearables market led by FitBit and Xiaomi in third quarter

The Apple Watch wasn’t widely available until the second half of September. Samsung’s Gear S3 didn’t pop up until the middle of last month.

IDC: 12 of 24 Galaxy Note 7 owners have switched to iPhones

Research firm IDC claims it doesn’t know. It surveyed 1,082 consumers, 24 of which owned a Galaxy Note 7. 12 said they went to Apple.

Apple Watch Nike+ prepares for launch as general sales numbers lead the pack

The sporty watch is available starting this weekend and it will likely extend Apple’s crushing grip on the niche of this tech industry.

Smartwatch market shrinks, Apple is the main victim

Apple still tops IDC’s list of top smartwatch shippers, but its fall from its debut peak has us questioning when an Apple Watch 2 can come by.

Android phones predicted to outperform overall market in 2016, as iOS hits slump

While overall smartphone shipments are expected to grow 3.1 percent in 2016 compared to last year, Android should be able to boost its numbers by 6 percent.

IDC: Chromebooks outsold Macs in the US last quarter

IDC didn’t give us specifics, but it was at Google I/O to tell us that more than 1.8 million Chrome OS devices were sold last quarter in the US.

Apple helms, Amazon runs up, convertibles try to turn around sinking ship of tablets

Older iPads and Amazon Fire tablets rule the decline in the market while convertibles try and turn the boat away from disaster.

IDC: the PC is dead, long live the detachable tablet PC

No one wants a computer and no one wants a boring tablet anymore. Why not spice things up with a full-power Windows tablet and pull-apart keyboard?

Fitbit rules Q4 wearable shipments, but outlook disappoints

The fitness tracker manufacturer is expected to grow revenues by 30 percent this year. But its stock value has been dropping for six months.