FBI needs Apple’s help to unlock a mass shooter’s iPhone

The FBI is trying to get help from Apple to unlock a password-protected iPhone that belonged to the shooter of the Naval Air Station in Pensacola Florida
iPhone 11 design

Pocketnow Daily: Which iPhone XI Design Would YOU Pick? (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the new images of the iPhone XI, the certification of the new Huawei Mate X and more
2018 iPhones

200GB iCloud storage free for two months, courtesy of Apple

Apple wants you to prepare for your new iPhone and has teamed up with major US carriers to offer customers 200GB of free iCloud storage.

iOS 11.4 finally allows storage of Messages in iCloud

Unlike other chat clients and other cloud storage platforms, Apple’s ecosystem didn’t link one to the other for personal backups… until now.

Apple to make personal data download tool available globally eventually

For now, the tool is available to Apple ID account holders in the European Union and a few other countries. Now all we have to do is wait for the data to come out and get sorted.

AirPlay 2 and iCloud Messages backup are in iOS 11.4 developer beta

iOS 11.3 is done. Barring any bugs that pop up out of nowhere, it’s onto the next minor update. And there are some great features still being held back.

watchOS 4.1 beta turns on Apple Music streaming, has new Radio app

One of the big features for the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular is audio streaming direct to the watch. It’s not on yet, but it will be.

Apple could take the unprecedented step of bundling Apple Music and iCloud gifts with iPhone 8

The official announcement of the iPhone 8 is definitely approaching, but if you fear its high retail costs, you might be in for some free stuff.

Digging into Apple Pay Cash, iMessage’s new P2P payments system

If you’ve been paying attention to the developments coming out of the firmware of the HomePod, the iPhone 8 has pretty much been spoiled for you.

Apple offers more iCloud storage for less on top-tier plan: 2TB at $10 a month

5GB of free iCloud storage is still not ideal, but an extra 50 gigs at $0.99 a month or a whopping 2TB in exchange for $10 sounds pretty sweet.

Sky’s the limit for Lightning EarPods, AirPods, Beats Wireless

Apple has officially dumped the mini-phonojack — the 3.5mm headphone jack to…

Mac OS X becomes macOS Sierra

When you talk about “OS X,” Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, Craig…

The Apple Music deletion conundrum

Posts have been going online about how signing up for Apple Music ends up in users finding their music libraries deleted from their own Macs.

Apple looking into upgrading iCloud storage with end-user encryption

By upgrading iCloud encryption, Apple could be setting things up so user data is safe from government requests, even in the cloud.

The San Bernardino iPhone: FBI dismisses iCloud siphoning as victims side against Apple

A lawyer is now representing several victims from the shooting. Meanwhile, the FBI said a so-called blunder was deliberate and dismisses a search tactic.

There is no such thing as “the cloud,” it’s just somebody else’s computer

Nearly everybody uses cloud services these days, to some varying degree. It’s…

Apple offers iCloud solution to Greek customers amid financial crisis

Learn more about some of the solutions that Apple is offering to Greek customers in order to avoid service interruptions with iCloud.

Apple Watch silently gets Activation Lock security with watchOS 2 beta 3

Learn more about some of the new Activation Lock features that Apple has silently enabled to the Apple Watch with watchOS 2 beta 3

Will Android backups ever reach parity with iCloud?

System backups of any kind are great. Knowing that your information is…

iCloud just became the new MobileMe: washed up

Read our thoughts about iCloud after a couple of weeks of use, specially after all the changes that it received with iOS 8, iCloud Drive and other services.

These are the best cloud storage options for mobile users

Looking for a cloud storage provider that meets your needs? We break down all the best plans and offerings for mobile users. Discover which is best for you!
pocketnow in the cloud

3 things you should never store in the cloud

A batch of celebrity nude photos were just leaked to the web. Why? They were stored online. Here are 3 things you shouldn’t EVER store in the cloud.

iOS 8 will bring more integration with the Mac through iCloud

As rumors come and go about Apple’s plans for the future of…

Don’t Be Stupid, Backup Your iPhone With These Solutions (Video)

Losing data is never a fun experience, especially on a device that’s an integral part of day-to-day life. Luckily, using the solutions in this video, backup your iPhone and enjoy the peace of mind.

You Got An iPhone For Christmas: Read This To Start Off Right

“Welcome to the Dark Side”. I’m sure you’ve already pulled your shiny…