CarPlay finally coming to Hyundai models, though not exactly as promised

Well over a year since first promised, Hyundai Sonata CarPlay support is finally set to arrive in Q1 2016.

Hyundai already fitting some of its 2015 models with Android Auto

Learn more about Hyundai’s official launch of Android Auto on some of its current vehicles, as we’ve waited too long to see an Android Auto launch partner.

Expect Android-equipped Cars from Audi, Honda, GM and Hyundai soon

Just a couple of days ago one of the biggest rumors we…

Hyundai T7 Tablet Is Cheap, Packs Galaxy S III SoC, Looks Like the Note 8.0

This is the new Hyundai T7 tablet and it does have something in common with Samsung: it packs the SoC from the Galaxy S III.