Free Hulu for Spotify Premium planholders available through June

Those who are paying for ad-free Spotify can get free ad-supported Hulu content if they link up accounts within the next three months.

Apple Video business model looks to fail hard, analyst says

Unless Apple has a breakout hit, the company will have to rely on third-party content to make its single-stream subscription model work.

Sprint Unlimited Premium is $90 a month with Amazon Prime, Hulu, Tidal, big hotspot

Sprint had already offered these tie-ins with auxiliary services in one way or another, but not at this discounted price and with big data bonuses.

If you’re a student you have to get this Spotify deal!

The latest Spotify deal brings you music and TV. You get Spotify, Hulu, Showtime, all for an insane low price per month. Check it out!

Sprint introduces Flash Sales and you won’t want to miss out on

Check out the new deals that Sprint is offering through its new Flash Sales that give us great discounts on the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8

Sprint Unlimited Plus goes up to $70 per month while Unlimited Basic goes to $60

The plans go into effect from July 13 with a price jump for more data and music goodies and discounts for first-weekend subscribers.

Spotify and Hulu take their alliance to the next level with ‘premium’ bundle for all

You no longer have to be a student to combine Spotify Premium and Hulu Limited Commercials service with a big monthly discount.

YouTube TV and Hulu pick up 750,000 subscribers

But the two are nowhere near big-time players DIRECTV NOW and Sling. Plus, Netflix and Amazon still risk bowling these newbies over. Is live TV a valuable commodity in 2018?

Latest Netflix earnings exceed forecasts, send market cap above $100 billion

Investors are latching onto pie-in-the-sky movie streaming company Netflix after announce the results of its bonkers holiday quarter.

Hulu no longer charges extra for No Commercials service on iOS and tvOS

All subscribers to Hulu’s No Commercials video streaming plan are now charged the same flat $11.99 monthly fee, including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users.

Like most things, net neutrality repeal will be gradual on ISPs’ part

Content providers probably won’t be paying more (than they already are) to send product through the internet. Consumers will have to pay more to see it.

S + 1 equals OnePlus 5T | #PNWeekly 279 (Audio)

It’s supposed to be a step above Apple and all the rest of them. Meanwhile, OnePlus joins a couple of trends with its latest phone, too. We discuss!

Sprint joins forces with Hulu for a service bundle rivaling T-Mo and Netflix’s alliance

To better compete against T-Mobile and AT&T, which have Netflix and HBO respectively in their corners, Sprint has recruited Hulu for a new unlimited deal.

Free Hulu from Sprint rumored to directly combat T-Mobile and Netflix

Not to mention wholly-owned media properties of AT&T and Verizon, T-Mobile’s partnership with Netflix will get a run for its money from Sprint and Hulu.

Hulu promos discounted $5.99 entry tier to its streaming library

If you really like programming from the networks and not necessarily the original content that’s come out, Hulu has a carrot on a stick.

Students can get both Spotify and Hulu access for $4.99 a month on their favorite device

Spotify’s already discounted Premium service for students now includes an essentially free subscription to Hulu’s Limited Commercials Plan.

Nielsen Digital Content ratings now codifying video views on Facebook, Hulu, YouTube

It’s taken a few months for Nielsen to start tracking and dissecting viewership numbers on these big platforms, like Facebook and YouTube.

Citibank looks for big Apple acquisitions with its cash pile

Netflix, Disney and Electronic Arts are the biggest names called out by analyst Jim Suva. But does Apple have the will to pick up investors’ targets?

T-Mobile wants to make up for AT&T’s DirecTV Now ‘mess’ with free Hulu for switchers

If you’ve recently migrated from AT&T to T-Mobile, your “messy” DirecTV Now gift is now joined by a free year of Hulu streaming.

T-Mobile offers Verizon users two sweet new reasons to consider a switch

Anyone who swaps Verizon with T-Mobile’s service through December 17 qualifies for a year of free Hulu access, as well as up to 50 percent off accessories.

Verizon’s go90 streaming service now has its first original series

How does a start-up streaming video service compete with original series like…

T-Mobile Binge On offers streaming video that won’t hurt your data allowance (with a catch)

Hear about the new T-Mobile Binge On streaming video offer, what services are covered, and what are some of the important limitations.

Hulu confirms its virtual reality app will debut alongside Samsung Gear VR

Hulu is the latest premium video content provider to board the virtual reality bandwagon, as it’s set to launch its own VR app with the Samsung Gear VR.

Google Now updates, Moto X sale, Verizon Sony Xperia Z2 & more – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the One-day Moto X…

Hulu bringing free TV content to phones this summer

Hulu for smartphones will no longer require a Plus subscription in just a few short months, with new ad-supported mobile content.