Huawei product launch event October 21 2021
Huawei to launch a new product on October 21
Huawei sent out invitations to its next event that will be held in Vienna on October 21. The company may launch the Huawei P50 Series globally.
HUAWEI pocketnow
HUAWEI can now buy chips from the U.S., but for its vehicle business
It’s getting better for HUAWEI.
Huawei Mate 50 Arc display render
HUAWEI Mate 50 could feature a wrap-around display, sort of
Huawei launched the P50 series at the end of July, and it’s…
Huawei MateView monitor now available to pre-order in UK
Huawei today announced that its first flagship standalone monitor – the Huawei MateView – will be available to pre-order from today until August 31.
HUAWEI Mate X2 review
Huawei will return to the smartphone ‘throne’ despite US sanctions
Huawei’s chairman said that while the company’s smartphones business suffered a lot…
US firm accuses HUAWEI of pushing for planting a data backdoor, files federal lawsuit
HUAWEI’s in trouble, again.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 84
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is not compatible with iPhone and HUAWEI phones
Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 4 isn’t compatible with Apple iPhones and HUAWEI phones — here’s why!
There’s no satisfying the US: Honor to face an economic ban because of its past
It seems that Honor may have to face the same sanctions imposed to Huawei as it could soon be added to the economic blacklist of the US
2021 HUAWEI MateBook X Pro
HUAWEI MateBook X Pro (2021) review: great just got better!
We have no reservations in recommending the 2021 MateBook X Pro for those who want a beautiful laptop that’s fast, lightweight, portable, and, most importantly, future proof.
HUAWEI on steep decline as company’s goal shifts to survival
HUAWEI has reported a nearly 30% decline in revenue year on year.
HarmonyOS now available on 65 Honor and Huawei devices featured
HarmonyOS is now rolling out to 65 Honor and Huawei devices
Huawei’s plans to upgrade 100 smartphones and tablets to HarmonyOS are ongoing, and the company is getting close to delivering on its promise.
huawei watch 3 review
This smartwatch is ALMOST everything you need (video)
For now, HarmonyOS is just a little bit too disrupted to make this smartwatch an easy recommendation. This is our HUAWEI Watch 3 review video.
galaxy s21 inhand host pocketnow
Samsung leads, Xiaomi overtakes Apple for 2nd place in 1H21
The global smartphone market grew 6.9 percent YoY to 299.1 million units in the second quarter of 2021, compared to 279.7 million units shipped in Q2 2020.
Huawei P50 Pro and P50 official featured
Huawei P50 series are now official
After months of waiting and a number of delays, Huawei has finally unveiled the next generation of the Huawei P50 series at its Huawei P50 launch event.
huawei p50 pro title
Huawei P50 Pro details have leaked before official launch
Check out every important detail about the upcoming Huawei P50 Pro, as a recent leak reveals everything you want to know about the device
Huawei P50 Pro leak featured
HUAWEI P50 Pro, or dummy, shows up in video
A new video shows off a possible dummy unit of the Huawei P50 Pro. The video reveals some of the ports, display, and circular rear camera setup.
huawei p50 pro title
HUAWEI P50 series: here’s what to expect
Learn everything you should expect from the HUAWEI P50 Series with the help of this article.
This is my favorite phone as a Photographer
For the past decade or so, my primary criteria for choosing a smartphone has been its camera capabilities. For numerous years after the Nokia Lumia 1020 was released, there was no innovation in smartphone camera capabilities. Happily we’ve finally reached a point where smartphone cameras are better than ever, and here’s my current favorite.
huawei p50 pro
Huawei P50 series confirmed to go global
It seems that the upcoming Huawei P50 series and hopefully all of its variants will be available all around the world
Huawei P50 series launch confirmation
Huawei P50 series is officially set to launch on July 29
We’ll see a new era of mobile photography, according to Richard Yu, the company’s CEO. The new Huawei P50 series are coming on July 29.
HUAWEI Watch 3 review
HUAWEI Watch 3 review: when everything’s in Harmony
In our HUAWEI Watch 3 review, we’re taking a look at the company’s latest smartwatch, also its first to ship with HarmonyOS.
Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel Fold Coming Soon? Steam Deck Announced & more!(video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the upcoming Google Pixel Fold, new Microsoft 365 service, and more.
huawei p50 pro title
Huawei might try to use Qualcomm chips for its flagship P50 series
According to a new report, Huawei may be forced to pick a new chipset for its flagship series as its Kirin 9000 chipset may not be enough for all P50 units.
FreeBuds 4 review
HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 review: silky smooth looks and sound
The HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 deliver on all of its promises. Check out our review as we take a close look at these shiny little ANC earbuds.
huawei logo change
Huawei working on its own under-display camera
It seems that Huawei may be working to launch a new smartphone with an under-display selfie camera