Szechuan sauce with your VR? ‘Rick and Morty’ on Vive, Oculus April 20

It’s gonna be called “Virtual Rick-ality” and the first thing you’ll wanna touch is the Plumbus. Not sure if the latest bit about Szechuan sauce is in.

TPCast announces shipping delay for HTC Vive wireless adapter

Chinese pre-orders are bound for several more weeks of wait and a few more goodies to compensate for them. Global availability is expected for Q2.

HTC has a ‘good plan’ for a powerful mobile VR headset, plus 4 or 5 new phones coming this year

One of HTC’s top executives suggests the Vive VR headset will get a special kind of mobile sequel soon, with up to five extra phones also in the works.

If VR is the next major computing platform, where does that leave mobile?

If you listen to some tech leaders, like Mark Zuckerberg for example,…

HTC Vive TPCast wireless adapter, Tracker, Deluxe Audio Strap all coming in Q2

At CES 2017, HTC Vive also announced a Tracker device for motion-tracked peripherals and a Deluxe Audo Strap with integrated headphones.

Udacity partners with HTC Vive, Google for VR content development course

HTC Vive, Google and UploadVR helped to create the course. Students can sign up and receive a half-refund if it’s completed within a year.

Quark VR may help HTC Vive go wireless

Bulgarian company Intugame is working with Valve on an HTC Vive without all the bulky wires. The possible solution? A pocket transmitter.

Brexit waves hit HTC Vive price

The HTC Vive will cost £70 more on August 1. Blame Brexit.

HTC Vive Review: In VR, “Virtual” Should Feel This “Real”

Watch our full review of the HTC Vive, one of the best experiences with Virtual Reality that we’ve ever had. Clearly HTC is on to something with this product, and this is just the beginning

HTC Vive Unboxing and Setup: This Was Crazy!

Watch our unboxing and first impressions of the HTC Vive. This is probably one of the most complex and fun experiences yet.