The HTC we knew and loved is gone

HTC is far from what it was back in the day, and it just doesn’t have what it takes to compete with the big boys anymore. Read to find out more!

HTC cranks up buzz-building efforts for November 2 event, U11 Plus almost guaranteed

It’s looking more and more likely that the oft-rumored HTC U11 Plus will be seeing daylight on November 2 rather than a U11 Life or other mid-ranger.

HTC vaguely confirms worldwide Android Oreo updates for U11, U Ultra and 10 ahead

Android Oreo updates will definitely, officially roll out to the HTC U11, U Ultra and 10… someday, with more devices to be announced “soon.”

“T-Mobile is the Beats of wireless” and more in the mail | #PNWeekly 265

T-Mobile has all the cool people behind it, but one of our listeners, a Sprint employee, is throwing shade. We shine a light at his case on our show.

The HTC U11 is a good start, but HTC still has a lot of work to do

HTC fell a long way over the past few years. Now it’s working it way back up the field and the HTC U11 is a good start.

‘Premium’ HTC U11 fails routine durability test, bending and snapping with ease

Due in part to its “squeezable” sides and a far too flexible metal frame, the HTC U11 can apparently break under moderate pressure.

HTC U11 unboxing: A jam-packed experience (Video)

There’s a lot to love about the HTC U11 out the box, or rather in the box, even before turning the phone on, setting it up and gently giving it a squeeze.

Let’s chat HTC U11 and playing Zelda on your phone! | Pocketnow Weekly 253

It’s our pleasure to introduce a new team member here at Pocketnow. Joel joins us to chat about the HTC U11, and will Nintendo bring Zelda to our phones?

HTC U11 Squeeze: feature or gimmick?

The HTC U11 squeeze feature allows you to quick launch apps, but is it outside-the-box thinking, or just a gimmick that will be ignored and forgotten?

Sprint is the only US carrier directly selling HTC U11, unlocked pre-orders also underway today

We have the full official deets on the US availability and pricing of the “squeezable” HTC U11, and alas, they include the words “carrier exclusive.”