HTC U11 Life reportedly also headed for Android One lineup, new render shows ‘normal’ variant
Google’s revived Android One family will further expand in the near future with the addition of the HTC U11 Life, rendered today in standard form.
HTC reportedly pushing ad notifications, and annoying in the process
Learn more about some of the new monetization tactics from HTC, which not only pushes ads on BlinkFeed, but also on regular notifications.
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HTC One Mini Review
HTC One Mini Review: the One flagship in a smaller form-factor
There’s little mid-range about this phone, just as there’s little “Mini” about it. Check out our HTC One Mini review below to find out all about it!
From Android skins to Android stock: a sweet & sour experience with the Google-edition HTC One
My journey from Sense 5 to stock Android on the Google-edition HTC One reveals the bane -and the beauty- of Android skins.
HTC Droid DNA vs Samsung Galaxy S III (Video)
The Droid DNA, the new 1080p Android wonder from HTC, goes head-to-head with the venerable Samsung Galaxy S III in our latest video. Watch to see which smartphone you should be drooling over most.
HTC Droid DNA Review
HTC’s Droid DNA for Verizon Wireless packs a gorgeous design and an unforgettable 1080p punch. Read on to see if you should consider putting one in your pocket.
HTC Incredible 4G LTE Review
Is the third time the charm for HTC and Verizon Wireless? Does the Droid Incredible 4G LTE live up to its storied progenitors? Will we be able to make it through this entire review without uttering a single “incredible” pun? Read on to find out.
Is The New TouchWiz Better Than The New HTC Sense?
Before I picked up the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III, I was a firm believer in the power of stock Android, and the folly of skins. After some time with HTC Sense and TouchWiz, though, I’m starting to waver.
Empty Nest: What I Miss (And Don’t) About The HTC One X
I put the AT&T HTC One X review unit in the mail earlier this week, sending it back to the fine folks who’d provided it for our review. I came home from the UPS store, fired up my daily-driver Galaxy Nexus, which I’d been neglecting for the review period, and felt something I didn’t expect: relief.
Video: Galaxy Nexus vs. HTC One X: FIGHT!
One of our contenders is Google’s venerable mainstay of America’s “most reliable,” number-one, most-red-and-black wireless network; the other is a hot young upstart looking to steal the spotlight in the name of Big-Blue-number-two. And we definitely have things like build quality, display performance, and camera resolution to compare.