Devs can’t root Pixel phones yet

Recent changes to Android Marshmallow’s and Nougat’s bootchain have made rooting devices a tougher task. The Pixels will be even tougher.

Google Pixel ingress protection said to be IP53

Basically, your Google Pixel will be safe from splashes and most spills if they’re quick ones. Heck, cavalier YouTubers might give it a dunk for a bit.

White Google Pixel, Pixel XL leak in Mr. Postblurrycam pics

These pictures are what we like to call “Mr. Postblurrycam,” shopped to obscure identifying marks on test devices that shouldn’t be leaked.

Google Pixel pricing said to start at $649, question of Verizon exclusivity hangs

The Pixel and Pixel XL may be financed if you’re lucky and will come with options to extend its warranty. Also, Verizon will have a lot to do with them.

Blass: Galaxy Note 7, LG V20 sales activities of some sort starting October 21

Evan Blass reports that the Galaxy Note 7 will resume sales in the US the same day pre-orders or sales go up for LG’s latest flagship: October 21.

An HTC leaker talks about Pixel XL camera specs

Prior rumors have passed on little change to this year’s cameras on the Nexus or Pixel phones. One leaker says “iteration” is the word.

HTC Nexus devices now believed to be Pixel, Pixel XL

The devices, codenamed “Sailfish” and “Marlin,” will reportedly not be known as Nexus smartphones, but rather the “Pixel” and the “Pixel XL”.

Sources: HTC-made “Nexus” will be “Google” phones

HTC has long been said to be making Google’s Nexus-branded smartphones this year. It may just be making two “Google” phones after all.

It seems that HTC Nexus pricing will take a hike

HTC and Google may command a higher price for the coming Nexus devices. Some would say comparatively and uncomfortably high.

HTC device benchmarked, but is it the Desire 10 Pro?

Maybe. We still can’t completely rule out the curveball possibility of this benchmark perhaps showing the Marlin Nexus phone. But it’s likely the Desire.

LG V20 will be announced before, likely shipped after Nexus launch

The V20 will be loud and clear known on September 6. But word is that it won’t be shipped to customers until after when the Nexus phones launch. In October.

FCC inspects HTC Nexus devices, both of them

Documents submitted to the FCC indicate that these two devices will be supported by Google through that company’s Nexus program.

Sailfish photos leaked, giving us first real-ish look at Nexus

Real pictures of what’s claimed to be the smaller of two near-identical Nexus phones have come out. Rumors about its design have also been dispelled.

That definitely looks like an HTC-made Nexus in a Google Photos promo

The promo shows off some Googlers jumping up for a photo, only for it to not be taken. Darn “Storage Full” box. Well, what’s the phone, there?

Could a Nexus-only Night Mode shun Android Nougat?

Android Nougat might not have the code that will let every Android device ease up on your eyes at night. It could be a Nexus exclusive.

Two HTC Nexuses, one design? A recreation with many questions

Two differently sized Nexus phones this year may look pretty similar. HTC supposedly will make them and Google will supposedly sell them.

HTC Marlin benchmarked, affirms rumors of next big Nexus specs

The larger of the two presumed smartphones that HTC will make for the Google Nexus program supposedly has comparable performance with today’s flagships.
best Nexus

Second HTC Nexus device, “Marlin,” has specs leaked

The 5.5-inch Marlin is supposedly going to be a lot like the 5-inch Sailfish device that HTC is making for the Google Nexus program.

HTC Nexus “Sailfish” specs outed with a little doubt

HTC’s said to be working on another 5.5-inch Nexus device, but this 5-inch one seems pretty okay on its own, at least according to this rumor.

Huawei Nexus redux spoiled in South Africa

The manager of the South African unit of Huawei has confirmed that the company will be putting out another Nexus phone this year.

Pichai: Nexus stays with OEMs, but Google has more authority

Google sometimes treads its own path into certain product territories. It did so with a tablet recently. Why not into its own Android phones?

Halfbeak delayed again: Blass calls HTC smartwatch project a cluster

After late word that an HTC-made smartwatch would come in June, Evan Blass reports that it has again been pushed back. He thinks it’s become a “cluster”.

HTC ends Nexus 9 factory run, limited number left at site

The Taiwanese manufacturer is done making the Nexus tablet after more than a year of sales. There are some left in its store that you can get.

A Nexus 6P with the Snapdragon 820? Or is it the Huawei 7P?

The original Nexus 6P has a Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM. What’s this new benchmark showing a Nexus 6P with a Snap 820 and 4GB RAM?

HTC 10-like renders sparked Reddit discussion on HTC Nexus design

A redditor floated out some renders of an HTC Nexus phone that looks a lot like the HTC 10. And a subreddit slathers the love and doubt on.