HTC Hot Deals provide a “Kick Off to Summer” with $120 off U Ultra

The HTC 10 stays relevant in the discount section (as well as the Bolt, if you think about it) while the U Ultra gets prime cuts.

HTC sale expands to general public as part of spring cleaning

The manufacturer is hoping you will get sprung into spring with some choice discounts on its recent phones and accessories.

HTC’s Q4 2016 revenue is down year-on-year, operating losses are up sequentially

While HTC didn’t lose as much money during Q4 2016 as a year before, this latest quarterly financial report is bad. Really, really bad.

HTC Ocean Note purportedly coming soon with great screen and camera, no headphone jack

HTC’s first big 2017 smartphone release could take place as early as January 12, with a high-quality camera-sporting Ocean Note expected out.

The Sony Xperia XZ is the most popular flagship from the second half of 2016

Sony has Samsung to thank with its Note 7 crash and burn. But even at this point, the Note 7 is still being used more than the V20, 3T and Bolt combined.

HTC 10 evo launches as the global HTC Bolt

The HTC Bolt, released for Sprint, has renamed itself and set its sights on the world as the HTC 10 evo. And yes, it has that Snapdragon 810 processor.

HTC 10 evo event scheduled to bring Bolt into the world on November 22

It’s known as the HTC Bolt from Sprint in the US and it may soon be known to the world as the revival of the HTC One M9 for some reason.

HTC “A17” Desire phone may come with Bolt/HTC 10 evo/Acadia

The rumored Desire phone is supposed to launch with Android Marshmallow and could be a lowly phone in terms of specifications.