Siri loses ground to Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana in a year’s time

Apple’s AI-powered assistant as well as Samsung’s have lost users from May of last year to this May. Google, Microsoft and Hound have made some gains.

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Hound-powered Hurricane on Kickstarter is the DJ’s Echo, Google Home

Wanted an Amazon Echo to make some sick playlists for you and soundtrack your day? Boombotix hopes to provide that speaker for you.

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Hound finally comes out of beta with new tricks from Yelp and Uber

SoundHound’s voice assistant has surfaced and is looking to compete with Google Now, Siri and Cortana by just talking to you. You know, like humans do.

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Hound emerges as contender for next great voice search service

Take a look at a new Hound voice search demonstration and see just how powerful this service promises to be.