5G HTC phone

HTC 5G hotspot coming to Sprint in 2019

AT&T recently announced a 5G mobile hotspot for use on its burgeoning network… Sprint is following with a device from HTC.

AT&T 5G “puck” revealed to be Netgear hotspot

The telecom provider is weeks away from launching its new 5G network and it finally has revealed the first device that will traffic on it.

Google puts Wi-Fi on rural school buses, calls them Rolling Study Halls

Where home internet isn’t as usable as it may be elsewhere and trips to and from school take hours rather than minutes, this program aims to fill the gap with connected learning.

A Surface Phone? This is probably a patent for a Microsoft mobile hotspot

Don’t get your hopes up for a a flip phone-style device with Windows 10 Mobile on ARM64. Microsoft is apparently interested in that design for a hotspot.

“Find Wi-Fi” on Facebook goes global

Only a few countries got this nifty feature from Facebook just previously, but everyone comes into dead spots and data caps all over the world.

Verizon unlimited hotspot deal for Family Motor Coach Association scrapped

The network has suggested the Family Motor Coach Association that it would not be able to honor the offer the two had worked to bring to group members.

Verizon giving RV travelers unlimited data for $50 a month

But that’s if you’re new to the Family Motor Coach Association and pay some hefty annual dues. In exchange, you save on unlimited data from Verizon.

WiFi4EU program to deploy at least 6,000 free hotspots across the union

Up to 8,000 under-connected municipalities will be able to get a portion of the €120 million set aside for this program to get hotspots by 2020.

Sprint Unlimited Freedom goes back to a single plan with all the fixins’

If you’re currently on Sprint Unlimited Freedom or the Premium version of the plan, get ready to merge, get more and pay less starting in March.

You can buy Windows 10 Wi-Fi hotspot direct from Fon

Hitting the network navigation bar and choosing a Fon hotspot will take you to the Windows Store and options to buy a usage pass.

AT&T preps a durable Wi-Fi hotspot meant for the outdoors

What if a phone just isn’t going to do it for you while you’re in the middle of the forest? AT&T’s Unite Explore Wi-Fi Hotspot may have you covered.

FreedomPop wants to hook you up with a (mostly) free-to-use global hotspot

Hear about the new FreedomPop global hotspot, why it might be a smart buy for a light user, and why the rest of us should steer clear.