4 ways Huawei is planning on surviving without Google
Here are four ways Huawei is planning on moving on and surviving without Google, initially in terms of its Mobile Services (GMS), and, eventually, without its Android operating system.
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Huawei Mate 30 render brings back Oreo (round) camera arrangement
This render, allegedly from a case maker, reportedly reveals the Huawei Mate 30, complete with notch and round camera arrangement.
Huawei testing smartphone with its own Android alternative OS
According to China’s Global Times, cited by Reuters, Huawei is currently testing a smartphone running an Android alternative OS which is Hongmeng OS.
Huawei SVP confirms: Hongmeng OS is not for smartphones
The company’s senior Vice President Catherine Chen confirmed that Hongmeng OS is indeed not for smartphones, as initially believed.
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Huawei CEO reiterates: Hongmeng OS/Ark OS likely 60% faster than Android
Huawei’s plan B, in case it loses access to Android permanently, is its own OS, called Hongmeng OS. It is reportedly 60% faster than Android.
2019 Annual Report
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Huawei Hongmeng OS/Ark OS is a last resort solution, has no timetable
Huawei would like to continue working with Google and ship phones with Android, but, just in case, its Hongmeng OS/Ark OS is a last resort solution.
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Huawei confirms plans to launch its own Android alternative OS
Huawei has been rumored to work on an Android alternative operating system, and now a company official confirmed plans to launch the OS.
Report: Huawei’s Android OS alternative 60% faster than Android
Huawei is working hard on its Android alternative operating system, and, according to reports, it could be much faster than Google’s OS.