Hong Kong store sells Google Pixel 3 XL for more than US$2,000

The Pixel 3 XL has had many premature appearances in the wild, but it’s actually beginning to cement itself in the retail world now.

In Hong Kong, iPhone XS scalping musters a pittance in profits

Some traders take it as a bad omen for overall demand while others in China are just looking to get their iPhone XS early.

vivo NEX plotted for Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Russia and Taiwan this month

With a 91.24 percent screen-to-body ratio, it’s an impressive phone indeed. No word on pricing, though we can bet it’ll be steep to import.

Hong Kong will get Nokia X6 on July 19

If the rumor proves true, it will be the first official outgrowth of availability for the first notched Nokia phone. It may be called the Nokia 6.1 Plus.

OnePlus 6 ramps up the speed, storage and slow motion video

Speed is the game, OnePlus is the name. Will its latest Android smartphone keep up? It has 480fps video capture, a new Snapdragon 845 chip and a new storage option. All for a little more money than the OnePlus 5T.

Smart Octopus allows Hongkongers to tap with Samsung Pay

The RFID Octopus Card has been around for two decades. Perhaps it’s finally time to move it to smartphones. Samsung Pay is the first step.

At least seven iPhone 8 units have split apart

Two reports came out of Japan and Taiwan. One more then got out from Taiwan. Then came Canada, China, Greece and Hong Kong. What’s up with the iPhone 8?

Samsung HMD Odyssey boosts Windows Mixed Reality presence

Windows Mixed Reality headsets launch today and this one seems to be a crown jewel with AMOLED displays and a wide field of view.

Apple Store in China had just two customers in line for iPhone 8

The lines weren’t that much longer at two locations in Hong Kong by the time 8am rolled around on Friday, iPhone 8 launch day.

Nokia 6 security patch for July is out before Pixel and Nexus devices updated

The Android Developers blog didn’t even get updated with the vulnerabilities when this update started circulating in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Razer partners with Three HK, ready to roll Nextbit gaming ambitions

The gaming hardware manufacturer has partnered with the telco to open a new RazerStore and provide special mobile services for its fans.

Samsung Pay in Hong Kong transitions into full service

After a few weeks in early access and with a scavenger hunt of promotions, Samsung’s mobile payment system is breathing fully around Kowloon.

Hong Kong gets Galaxy S8 with 4GB and 6GB of RAM at surprisingly reasonable price

That Galaxy S8+ with more RAM is now available for pre-order at Hong Kong carriers, but how much will people have to pay for the privilege of owning one?

Galaxy S8+ with 6GB RAM also selling in Hong Kong from May 25

South Korea and China are known power markets. Hong Kong seems to have been partly an afterthought up until now. Samsung’s finally pulling tricks here.

Android Pay enters into saturated Hong Kong market

Hong Kong is aplomb with options to tap and pay for whatever you need. Why would Android Pay want to be here? At least, we think, to compete.

OnePlus 3 sales in Europe and Hong Kong resume today

It’ll be close to midnight in most of Europe before fans of the OnePlus 3 can start placing orders again and a minute before 6am in Hong Kong.

Apple Hong Kong listed accessories compatible with iPhone 7 for a bit

As said about 5 o’clock, it’s gotta be September 7 somewhere in the universe. That’s when the iPhone 7 is expected out this year and Hong Kong is ready.

Hong Kong has the Moto E3 Power

In an odd Hong Kong-only release, the E3 Power is basically an upgraded Moto E3, but not as “badass” as the Moto G4 Play.

Selfie-obsessed Meitu seeks IPO in Hong Kong for up to $1 billion

The Chinese company is skipping Shanghai and Shenzhen and asking Hong Kong’s stock exchange to list it. It didn’t take a selfie for the occasion.

OnePlus 3 sales stoppage called to bring down shipment times

The stoppage will last for 34 days in 23 European countries as well as Hong Kong. This move comes after Chinese OnePlus 3 sales started.

Soft Gold OnePlus 3 sales start tomorrow and will be limited

The US will get them first on July 26 while Canada, Europe and Hong Kong will see them on August 1. China sees official OnePlus 3 sales tomorrow, too.

Hong Kong gets Apple Pay

Hong Kong’s tap-and-pay ecosystem started in 1997 with the Octopus Card and has only recently began to include smartphones. Will Apple Pay make way in HK?