apple music lossless
Apple makes at least one of its products compatible with Apple Music Lossless
Apple Music Lossless is coming to HomePod and HomePod Mini smart speakers via a software update in the coming weeks.
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Amazon Echo Dot Gen-3 Featured Image
Get an Amazon Echo Dot Gen-3 for just $5, HomePod mini and more are also on sale
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Previous generation iPad Pro models are up to $120 off right now
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HomePod Mini
Apple secretly fitted a temperature and humidity sensor inside HomePod Mini
The temperature and humidity sensor inside the HomePod Mini is currently of no use, but it might be enabled in the near future.
apple homepod
Apple says goodbye to the original HomePod, shifts focus to the mini
The $349 HomePod offered great sound quality, but its asking price was a deterrent, and especially when the $99 HomePod mini hit the shelves.
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HomePod Mini
HomePod mini is facing WiFi connectivity issues, with no permanent fix available
The affected users are complaining that their HomePod Mini is disconnecting from the internet.
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HomePod Mini
Apple unveils the HomePod Mini with an intercom feature and a $99 price tag [Update]
Users will also be able to link multiple Home Pod Mini speakers to create a stereo system, and rely on it as a intercom too.
iPhone production
Apple event: Everything we expect Apple to launch
The Apple event that will start in a few hours from now will mark a new direction for the iPhone family and a few other product lines.
October Apple event live stream
Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 12 Event: Last Minute Leaks and Predictions! (video)
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Upcoming HomePod mini and Apple TV may track your location using Ultra Wideband
It seems that Apple has great plans for the upcoming HomePod mini, as it could include the U1 chip and Ultra Wideband support
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apple homepod
A new HomePod mini may be on its way, but no HomePod 2
Rumors suggest that a new HomePod mini may be launched on Apple’s next digital-only event