Tim Cook: $999 is “value price” for iPhone X because of EIPs and “discounts”

Whatever the case may be for Apple’s $999 price tag, it does come with a few strings attached from carriers to Face ID. Cook eases it all off with an interview.

iOS 11 on iPhone 8 means no home button at all, just swipes

For once in a rare while, Apple could take a page from Samsung and use gestures to completely change the fundamental user interface of the iPhone 8.

Fresh batch of iPhone 8 revelations includes resizable home button, Pearl ID features and more

A bunch of new info on the upcoming iPhone 8 has been discovered by taking an even closer look at HomePod firmware, including more Pearl ID details.

An iPhone 8 leak spoiled… and it had Touch ID on the back

Well, at least one prominent tech talker is spoiling the photos we’re seeing of a fancy little iPhone 8 chassis. What’s all this intel leading us to?

Where should the fingerprint sensor go on the next iPhone?

If Apple’s rumored side-to-side, top-to-bottom screen comes to fruition, where will Apple’s iconic Home button go? We debate the possibilities.
Galaxy S8+ hands-on

You may not see it, but the Galaxy S8’s home button moves around, and that’s a good thing

Samsung has apparently adopted a moving virtual home button on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ to dodge the age-old screen burn-in problem.

iPhone 8 schematics leaked out of Foxconn, wiped from Weibo

It’s not exactly a blueprint. In fact, it’s right up sketchy. But the word is that it comes out of Foxconn and it’s our first idea of what’s up with the 8.

In-depth: further details about KGI’s iPhone 8 trio include dual-OIS cameras for Plus

One model with a 5.8-inch OLED display, will wrap around in its body’s walls. Only a 5.2-inch screen portion will be touchable.

Got an iPhone 7 with a broken Home Button? Apple relents with instant virtual one

It used to be that if your iPhone had a broken home button, you would have to hobble over to the accessibility options and turn on a certain feature.