Smart Amazon Cloud Cam security camera enables in-home Amazon Key delivery
Echo speakers were only the first step in Amazon’s ambitious smart home offensive, with the new Cloud Cam and Key platform representing the next level.
Crazy rare deal lowers Amazon Echo price to $130 from $180 MSRP
Still the world’s most popular smart speaker (by a landslide), the original Amazon Echo can be yours (likely for a limited time) at the low price of $130.
HP’s Cortana speaker gets its first ‘visual representation’, also revealing an infuriating ‘feature’
We still have no name, price, release date or real-life pics for HP’s upcoming smart Cortana speaker, but we know it connects to Windows 10 PCs.
Microsoft signs HP and Intel to help with Cortana devices, AI’s Skills Kit now open to more devs
Forget the Surface Pro 5 or Windows phones. Microsoft seems fully committed to make Cortana its next big thing, with public skills and HP devices.
Microsoft HomeHub should soon tackle Amazon Echo devices head-on as part of Windows 10
Microsoft HomeHub is the rumored name of an upcoming software initiative baked into the next Windows 10 update to turn any PC into an Echo “killer.”
Harman Kardon Invoke smart speaker with Cortana goes official ahead of ‘fall’ launch
Cortana’s standalone device is called the Harman Kardon Invoke, discreetly unveiled on the company’s official website as a premium Amazon Echo rival.
Google Home and Wifi are no longer US exclusive, coming to the UK on April 6
Priced at £129 a pop, the previously US-only Google Home smart speaker and Google Wifi router are officially launching on British shores next week.
Amazon Echo and Google Home could soon gain phone calling skills
As if landlines weren’t dead enough already, and smart speakers popular enough, voice calling might become a Google Home and Amazon Echo thing this year.
Google Assistant on (certain) Pixel phones gains native home control
If you’re one of the lucky few Pixel users offered early access to a new Google Assistant feature, you don’t need anything else to control your smart home.
Lenovo joins forces with Amazon to unveil Echo-contending Smart Assistant
Lenovo Smart Assistant is the fitting name of an admittedly unexpected new Amazon Echo rival/stepsibling, Alexa support, smart home controls and all.
Not just Best Buy: $99 Google Home deal offered across US retailers from November 23
Worried you might miss out on Best Buy’s Google Home Black Friday deal? The US Google Store, Walmart and Target will also sell the smart speaker at $99.
Google Home practically guaranteed to support SmartThings off the bat
It’s probably just a small piece of a complex functionality puzzle, but it’s still nice to hear Google Home will work on Samsung’s SmartThings platform.
Apple’s smart home Amazon Echo rival reportedly enters prototype testing phase
The Alexa-powered Amazon Echo smart speaker will soon get a Google Home competitor and another one from Apple with Siri voice assistance.
Is the Samsung Scoop another looming Amazon Echo rival, or just a dumb old wireless speaker?
The Federal Communications Commission is surprisingly forward about the design of an upcoming wireless speaker codenamed Samsung Scoop.
Sevenhugs Smart Remote aims to free your smartphone from connected-home duty
The upcoming Sevenhugs Smart Remote looks to give users a powerful, compact way to control connected-home devices.
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My new house is going to be intelligent, and controllable from my smartphone
We have smart phones, smart cars, and now the smart home is finally becoming a reality for the average homeowner.