There are 66 million smart speakers in the U.S.; these are the players

A recent study reveals the number of smart speakers currently in the U.S. install base, complete with market share numbers.

New HomePod status art included in latest iOS 11.2.5 beta

More elements are coming together to signal that Apple’s smart speaker is about ready to get to consumers. That includes possible toggles for operation modes.

Not just Best Buy: $99 Google Home deal offered across US retailers from November 23

Worried you might miss out on Best Buy’s Google Home Black Friday deal? The US Google Store, Walmart and Target will also sell the smart speaker at $99.

Google Home and Chromecast Ultra prices ‘confirmed’ ahead of October 4 launches

There’s both good and bad news to report on the Google gadget pricing front, with the Google Home sounding affordable, but the Chromecast Ultra not so much.

Is the Samsung Scoop another looming Amazon Echo rival, or just a dumb old wireless speaker?

The Federal Communications Commission is surprisingly forward about the design of an upcoming wireless speaker codenamed Samsung Scoop.

Apple unveils iOS 10-integrated Home app for smart home controls

Apple just outdid itself by improving iOS in not one, not two…

Google Home previewed at I/O ahead of launch ‘later this year’

Google Home goes after the road-opening Amazon Echo with intuitive Google Assistant support and many, many neat tricks up its sleeve.

Google Home is reportedly the name of the fiercest Amazon Echo rival yet

We’re mere hours away from the official start of the 2016 I/O conference, and one of the show’s rumored headliners finally gets a name: Google Home.

Facebook home update supports Instagram and more on your lock screen

I’m sure that most of us will admit we completely forgot about…