Apple frees up next-day delivery through Saturday

Apple is guaranteeing that purchases made through Saturday will be delivered on Christmas Eve. And if you need to make a return, you’ve got time.

The Pocketnow team plays Secret Smartphone Santa!

How well do the members of the Pocketnow team know one another? In this season of giving, what gifts would they send each other?

App developers take heed: iTunes Connect holiday schedule is out

It’s the publishers’ platform for iOS applications and it takes people to run the place. And those people will get a break for a workweek in December.

The Redmi Note 4X Hatsune Miku edition for your anime-induced Valentine’s coma

You read that right, you otaku. Your favorite anime-style digital singing idol is leaving her mark on an upcoming Chinese smartphone.

The Pocketnow Holiday Shopping Guide 2016

If you’re reading this article now, you either must be real desperate to huff and puff to your local big box tech outlet or just a holiday nostalgia buff.

Second-gen Pokemon launch as Pokemon GO uses Pikachu to celebrate holidays

The game gets its second breath with Johto region Pokemon hatching in eggs. Pikachu around the world are getting festive, too.

Holiday perks for Project Fi users include $10 in Google Play credit

This perk kicks off four weeks of holiday surprises from Google’s MVNO effort. You will also learn to greet people in the Maori culture.

Cyber Monday sales beat Black Friday’s, but only just

Sales at the top US retailers online on Monday beat out Fridays total by $50 million. Mobile browsing increased, but is soundly beaten by desktops.

No Tech TURKEYS! What Pocketnow is thankful for! | #PNWeekly 228

We avoid all the talk about Black Friday deals to talk about what in the smartphone and tablet world we’re thankful on the Pocketnow Weekly.

Apple’s latest tear-jerking holiday commercial asks you to ‘open your heart’ to monsters

In addition to opening your wallets to splash the cash on as much Apple gear as possible this holiday season, Cupertino also wants you to ‘open your heart.”

Android Pay holiday game campaign could come soon

According to code found in the latest version of the Android Pay app, there are mentions of “game,” “coins” and perhaps a Christmas “cracker”.

Alexa’s Black Friday on Amazon available by asking “What are your deals?”

But the first one you should probably ask to your Echo, Echo Dot, Tap or whatever Alexa-enabled device you have is: “Alexa, what are your deals?”

Pocketnow Challenge July: Best fireworks photo? You decide!

Let’s push our electronics coverage to the limit, pitting editors against each other. Here’s the low down on Pocketnow Challenge July: Best fireworks photo!

Moto X Pure Edition price slinks on down to $299.99 for Mother’s Day

We’re waiting for a new Moto X. Motorola is fighting a bad customer service reputation. Oh yeah, there’s Mother’s Day this week. Time for a discount.

T-Mobile BOGO deal for Mother’s Day tries to bolster LG, G5

If you buy one LG phone, you’ll get another one for half-off and also grab a free tablet out the door! But you know there have to be strings attached.

iOS, Windows global market share slump during the holidays

Both mobile operating systems slipped down in market share, one more than the other. Like, in a big way.

Apple Store will ship next day for free if you’re shopping on December 23

Apple is rolling in the dough and it wants to show that’s…

Better now than never: the goTenna is shipping to customers

Remember back in the summer? Not this summer, last one! In the…

HTC RE’s back for another Hot Deal at under $80

The do-it-all inhaler/camera’s back again on the discount table. It seems that…

Apple Watch holiday sales magic number stands at 6 million

Analysts were setting up the expectations for Apple to make a killing…

Morgan Stanley expects Apple to smash holidays and FY16

Apple is a huge money mover: it knows how to make money…

Pocketnow Holiday Shopping Guide 2014

Take a look at some of the best mobile devices to give and get this season in our smartphone holiday shopping (not to mention tablet and smartwatch) guide.

Yellow Alert: my New Year’s Eve smartphone for 2014 is the Lumia 1020

The phone you carry on New Year’s Eve has a huge bearing on how well the night is (or isn’t) remembered. Read on for why I chose Nokia’s PureView monster.

Do you disconnect for the holidays?

Holidays are the perfect family time. But does that mean you should disconnect? Ready why disconnecting for the holidays may be a lesson in futility.

Black Friday is Upon Us; Here’s What I’d Buy if I Were Crazy Enough To Be Out There

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