Huawei reportedly wanted to steal Apple Watch’s heart sensor

A report claims that Huawei had approached the vendor for Apple’s heart sensors for a contract, but asked many, many detailed questons.

Apple Watch Series 4 helps you take a fall and performs electrocardiograms

The new series of Apple smartwatches are slimmer in size and pack in a whole bunch of software and health-tracking improvements. You can buy it from Friday.

‘Future versions’ of the Apple Watch could feature groundbreaking built-in EKG monitor

There’s still no release timeline for a next-gen Apple Watch capable of detecting irregular heart rates without third-party accessories. But it’s definitely in the works.

AliveCor’s KardiaBand is the first FDA-approved Apple Watch medical accessory

Probably the most groundbreaking Apple Watch accessory yet comes from a little company called AliveCor, serving EKG readings in 30 seconds.

Apple Watch app HeartRate logged abnormal rates, may have saved a life

28-year-old James Green is living well with his Apple Watch and an app that was able to detect an abnormal resting heart rate.

watchOS 4 appears to lack advanced heart rate functionality on first-gen Apple Watch

If you’re still holding onto the first-generation Apple Watch, packing a single-core S1 SoC, your watchOS 4 update will lack a few key features.

Huawei Band 2 Pro has a (low) price and a place on Amazon

The price? $69.99. Not bad at all for a fitness band with integrated GPS and swim-proof water resistance. But will it take hold in a struggling market?

Heart rate monitoring on a shoestring with the Honor Band A2

And hey, it’s quite a looker of a fitness band for how affordable it is. But the Honor Band A2 is an overall whip-up from its first iteration.

Garmin Vivosmart 3 comes with ‘hidden’ display, in-depth health data and HR monitor

Priced at $140, the Garmin Vivosmart 3 wearable shows pretty complex wellness info and smartphone notifications on a hidden display.

Fitbit Alta HR clones its predecessor’s looks, adds heart rate sensor and ‘sleep stages’

The “new” Fitbit Alta HR is billed by the global leader in wearable devices as its “slimmest” heart rate-tracking product yet, costing just $150 and up.

Popular Garmin Forerunner 230 GPS running watch on sale for $210, chest strap included

BuyDig shaves a cool $90 off the total list price of the Garmin Forerunner 230 smartwatch + HR chest strap bundle, likely for a limited time.

Study finds Apple Watch about 90 percent accurate at monitoring one’s heart rate

No wrist-worn wearable device can be flawless at monitoring your health, but the Apple Watch’s heart rate tech is overall pretty decent.

Polar M200 is a simpler health-focused smartwatch with all the goodies

It also has a circular black-and-white LCD, swim-grade water resistance and a whole lot more. And it is $200 cheaper than the M600.

Polar M600 is company’s first Android Wear fitness tracker

Who knew six LEDs could accurately scan your heart rate? That’s the claim Finnish fitness tech company Polar is making, anyways, for its new M600 watch.

Study alleges Fitbit’s heart rate tech is wildly inaccurate, ambiguous and ‘all over the place’ [UPDATE]

Fitbit faces a tough legal battle regarding the precision (or lack thereof) of heart rate monitors baked into some of its most popular activity trackers.