Apple Watch Series 4 helps you take a fall and performs electrocardiograms

The new series of Apple smartwatches are slimmer in size and pack in a whole bunch of software and health-tracking improvements. You can buy it from Friday.

After leaving Nokia, Withings will go back to digital health on its own

Eric Carreel, one of the original co-founders of Withings, has taken the company back and will work on tracking more chronic health issues with future products.

How to use your smartphone responsibly? Keep it far, far away from you

A recent study is bringing to light exactly what kind of impacts even the mere presence of a smartphone can do to our attention span and our ability to solve problems.

Android P Dashboard contributing to the “joy of missing out”

Several features will be incorporated into Google’s properties to encourage dropping the phone for a while and not missing out on life.

Nokia will sell its struggling digital health division back to the co-founder of Withings

There’s no word on how much Nokia can hope to recoup from a failed $191 million investment in an ecosystem of digital health products originally created by Withings.

WHO purportedly increasing carcinogenic classification of wireless radiation this year

An investigation into the wireless industry’s campaign to squash scientific evidence of links between cell phone use and increased cancer risks is making waves.

Apps can be made to work universally on iOS 12 and macOS 10.14

Apple is focusing on quality assurance in its software updates and has reduced the number of features that would’ve been in iOS 12… but here’s one of note.

iOS 11.3 is coming ‘this spring’ with option to turn off performance throttling, AR updates and more

Anyone with a performance-throttled iPhone will be able to turn off the “power management” feature in the upcoming iOS 11.3 update. AR improvements, new Animoji and Health Records are also coming.

‘Future versions’ of the Apple Watch could feature groundbreaking built-in EKG monitor

There’s still no release timeline for a next-gen Apple Watch capable of detecting irregular heart rates without third-party accessories. But it’s definitely in the works.

California’s worried about cellphone radiation and it has guidelines for use

The California Department of Health is telling cellphone users to keep them away from their beds while sleeping and even from their pocket.

Apple Watch app HeartRate logged abnormal rates, may have saved a life

28-year-old James Green is living well with his Apple Watch and an app that was able to detect an abnormal resting heart rate.

In India, LG K7i has “Mosquito Away Technology”

Buzzing getting you down? You might want to put up some even more buzzing. LG has had it in some air conditioners for a while.

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch will support continuous glucose monitoring sometime next year

With the help of the “leader in continuous glucose monitoring”, Fitbit could beat Apple to the punch when it comes to nonintrusive blood sugar tracking.

Fitbit 2Q17 earnings down significantly as smartwatch wait towers

The company is hoping to make a swing from loss to success with its first smartwatch. But as it’s already been delayed by months, will it matter?

Several Nokia health products return to Apple Store after end of legal battles

Nokia and Apple’s health-focused partnership is back on with no reservation, as the latter’s online store picks up a few third-party wellness devices again.

Jawbone reportedly goes into liquidation, spin-off startup founded with revised focus

It’s no surprise that Jawbone is nearing death, starting liquidation proceedings already, with its CEO and co-founder out to establish a new business.

That glucose-tracking Apple Watch is so close to production Tim Cook may have started wearing it

It’s starting to sound more and more likely that the very next Apple Watch generation will somehow pair to a non-invasive glucose monitor.

The time may ‘now be right’ for glucose-monitoring Apple Watch function, new report claims

Believe it or not, “sources familiar with Apple’s plans” suggest the company’s smartwatch could very soon be able to track your blood sugar levels.

Renamed, updated Samsung Health Android app lets you easily ‘ask an expert’

Doctor visits have never been as convenient and painless as with Samsung Health, previously known as S Health.

Withings brand shifts under Nokia umbrella

The health-tech company is now moving under the Nokia brand after months of ownership and a revised, refined vision ahead.

AfterShokz Sportz Titanium First Look: Lighter, stronger, open ear headphones

A safer solution for listening to music while working out, This new bone conduction headset is shockingly light. AfterShokz Sportz Titanium First Look!

Misfit Shine 2 and Ray Fitness Trackers Quick Look: Subtle and Stylish

A novel blend of simple technology, LONG battery life, and a discreet jewelry-like design. Here’s our Misfit Shine 2 and Ray Fitness Trackers Quick Look!

Apple patent envisions a future of seamless ECG-monitoring from your wrist or ankle

The newest health-related Apple patent application filed with the USPTO proves the tech giant has its sights set on more than smartwatches.

Pocketnow Challenge: One Week with a Black and White Smartphone Screen

Our smartphones are highly addictive little entertainment devices. We spent one week using a phone in black and white to see if we could put our phone down.