Apple Watch Series 4 helps you take a fall and performs electrocardiograms
The new series of Apple smartwatches are slimmer in size and pack in a whole bunch of software and health-tracking improvements. You can buy it from Friday.
How to use your smartphone responsibly? Keep it far, far away from you
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WHO purportedly increasing carcinogenic classification of wireless radiation this year
An investigation into the wireless industry’s campaign to squash scientific evidence of links between cell phone use and increased cancer risks is making waves.
California’s worried about cellphone radiation and it has guidelines for use
The California Department of Health is telling cellphone users to keep them away from their beds while sleeping and even from their pocket.
Fitbit Ionic smartwatch will support continuous glucose monitoring sometime next year
With the help of the “leader in continuous glucose monitoring”, Fitbit could beat Apple to the punch when it comes to nonintrusive blood sugar tracking.
Withings brand shifts under Nokia umbrella
The health-tech company is now moving under the Nokia brand after months of ownership and a revised, refined vision ahead.
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