hbo max
HBO Max is coming to Europe next month
Only to six countries, for now.
HBO Max rolls out its cheaper ad-supported plan
The new tier will offer access to the same WarnerMedia’s vast catalog of content, including shows like Game of Thrones and Friends.
HBO Max gets a cheaper tier, if you can put up with ads
HBO Max service is all set to go global with the launch in 39 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean in late June.
HBO Max to go global in June
HBO Max is scheduled to launch in late June in 39 territories across Latin America and the Caribbean marking its availability outside the US.
Warner Bros HBO Max
HBO Max will stream 2021 slate of Warner Bros. movies on the same day as theatrical release
HBO Max will exclusively retain the films for a month, and after that, they will exit the streaming platform to continue their theatrical run.
HBO Max will exclusively release Zack Snyder’s Cut of Justice League in 2021
After years of feverish fan campaigning, the Snyder’s Cut of Justice League is finally happening and it falls in the eager lap of HBO Max.
HBO Max to launch on May 27 for $15 with original content and Warner Bros. library
The fans of FRIENDS can expect a reunion special later this year on HBO Max.
HBO just made a ton of movies and TV series free for everyone
HBO is keeping Game of Thrones exclusive to paid subscribers, which is quite disappointing, but not surprising at all given its status as the marquee asset.
YouTube TV will soon include HBO, Cinemax and HBO Max to its service
YouTube TV will have a great addition in spring, when they include HBO, Cinemax and HBO Max from Warner Media to their services