HBO just made a ton of movies and TV series free for everyone
HBO is keeping Game of Thrones exclusive to paid subscribers, which is quite disappointing, but not surprising at all given its status as the marquee asset.
YouTube TV will soon include HBO, Cinemax and HBO Max to its service
YouTube TV will have a great addition in spring, when they include HBO, Cinemax and HBO Max from Warner Media to their services
Netflix against Apple single-stream subscription model for video
Apple is recruiting video content providers to chip in to its all-in-one subscription service, but big hitters like Netflix reportedly aren’t buying in.
Sprint joins forces with Hulu for a service bundle rivaling T-Mo and Netflix’s alliance
To better compete against T-Mobile and AT&T, which have Netflix and HBO respectively in their corners, Sprint has recruited Hulu for a new unlimited deal.
AT&T finally welcomes Unlimited Choice customers to the free HBO party
Available for AT&T Unlimited Plus customers at no extra charge since April, premium HBO content is now also offered for Unlimited Choice subscribers.
AT&T Unlimited Plus subscribers get free HBO with or without DirecTV Now
In addition to all the monthly data you can eat, AT&T Unlimited Plus subscriptions come with premium HBO access at no extra charge.
Unreleased HBO GO VR app for Daydream available on Play Store
It’s HBO GO, but in a 3D environment. Lots of 16:9 content going on. The app is in an “unreleased” state. What does that mean? Expect bugs.
Google bundles $25 Chromecast 2015 and $69 Chromecast Ultra with 3 months of HBO Now
Not only are the Google Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra streaming dongles super-affordable right now, but they even come with free HBO Now service.
Verizon trade-in event gives you up to $300 and three months of HBO Now for free
Just in time for the debut of the new ‘Game of Thrones’ season, Verizon offers smartphone traders 3 free months of HBO Now, plus up to $300 discounts.
Apple making less money from HBO Now and other Apple TV services
Learn more about some of the drastic negotiations that Apple had to follow with services like HBO NOW in order to land exclusivity deals for Apple TV.
Apple announces HBO Now stand-alone subscription for Apple TV
Apple’s first big announcement of the day is HBO Now for Apple TV, without the need for a full cable package.