ZTE Hawkeye officially getting retooled, fund on Kickstarter canceled
What the crowd envisioned to be the Hawkeye was not what ZTE brought to Kickstarter. People weren’t happy. So, the company listened.
ZTE Hawkeye likely to get redesigned, crowdfunded anew
After disappointment and much lashing out, ZTE is listening to its customers-to-be when it comes a crowdsourced “reading phone.”
ZTE Hawkeye fails to inspire crowdfunding, many complain about design
The company took the crowd-developed concept and literally cheapened it so that it could sell for $199. In doing so, it has incurred the wrath of the crowd.
ZTE’s Project CSX is now known as Hawkeye and launches on Kickstarter
Well, it’s not because of the fact that the phone is up for pre-orders on a crowdfunding site. It’s more to do with the watering down of the concept.