Panay: Microsoft Surface hardware still going to be relevant
In fact, it’s more than the core of what Microsoft wants to do: to complete user experiences at work and at home. Hardware’s key.
Galaxy Note 9 shutter button in protective case actually lanyard holes
The Galaxy Note 4 was probably the closest we got to getting a camera shutter button on a big Samsung phone. It wasn’t going to start this year.
LG G7 ThinQ brings more noise, more screen, more AI
The speakers sound like a Boombox, the screen is actually a Super Bright Display and the AI CAM is more intelligent than ever before. LG officially makes the hard sell to consumers on the LG G7 ThinQ.
Near-final Moto Z3 Play renders outed in leak
The renders show a most interesting development in the Moto Mods connector design in that it has not changed at all, even as prior speculative leaks marked changes.
Spotify Car Player caught in Reddit thread from January
Seems like Spotify likes not only to test its marketing apparatuses out, but tease our minds with new hardware that it has wanted to put out.
Apple: iPhone 8, iPhone X battery management is more robust than older devices
But it’s not because of the software. In fact, there’s a reasonable implication that Apple is claiming that new hardware means no throttling will be warranted in future software updates.
Google Home Mini crashes at high volumes
If you want to rock out with the Google Home Mini, you should be able to do so. But nope, some users find their device crashing.
Google ships Pixel 2 that failed QA while other units click and beep
Many Pixel owners didn’t get the right tender love and care they deserved — they wanted their damn phones to work. Boy, is it a mess this time.
No surprise: Samsung Display blamed for iPhone 8 pricing above $1,000
Really, it’s no surprise that Samsung can command a premium on its mobile OLED displays when other display providers have yet to get up to Apple’s spec.
What Snapdragon 836? Pixel 2 will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Leaks and rumors have pinned the Pixel 2 (and, to a lesser extent, the Pixel XL 2) to feature a Snapdragon 835. Qualcomm is said to have no 836 plans.
TCL responds to BlackBerry KEYone display mishaps
Bend it, drop it, pop it. The display on some BlackBerry KEYone devices can be prone to detachment and that’s a problem that needs and may get fixing.
Playing the hardware lottery with the Galaxy S8 (Video)
Samsung promoted the Galaxy S8 featuring UFS 2.1 memory. Testers called out the company, finding UFS 2.0 speeds. It then hid the spec line from the public.
A Microsoft engineer excuses the Surface Laptop from USB-C
USB-C is too open, he says, and lays the potential out that users will blame Microsoft, not cable manufacturers, for their charging problems.
BixRemap brings back Bixby Button remapping on Galaxy S8, but for how long?
Samsung has been quashing grassroots groundwork to be able to reprogram the Galaxy S8’s Bixby Button, setting up for a literal Dave vs. Goliath battle.
Fitbit may only be interested in Pebble’s software, Time 2 and Core nearing cancellation [Update: confirmed]
Wearable market leader Fitbit is almost certainly closing in on buying smartwatch pioneer Pebble, but only for the latter’s software “assets.”
Samsung AMOLED featured in Google Pixel XL teardown
HTC might have manufactured the Google Pixel, but it seems that Google made good on its promise to take control of design. All the way down to the insides.
Forget DTEK60, will BlackBerry quit smartphones on September 28?
Investors are hoping that will be the case. They can even point to some outlying evidence. But what about that second Android phone John Chen promised?
Sony Xperia Z2 unboxing & hardware tour (Video)
It’s one of the sleekest smartphones ever to grace our desk- and certainly the most purple. Join us for a tour of a genuine gem with our Xperia Z2 unboxing!
HTC One M8 Harman/Kardon Edition: unboxing & extended hands-on (Video)
It’s more than just jet-black good looks; it could be the best-sounding smartphone ever. Join us for our Harman Kardon HTC One M8 unboxing & hands-on!
Google’s Project Ara: an awesome answer in search of a question
Motorola’s Phonebloks collaboration, Project Ara, is one of the most compelling phone-hardware concepts we’ve ever seen. But will anyone buy one?
The LG G2 is ten steps forward, but one (big) step back
The LG G2 specs contain impressive figures, and its feature set is useful and innovative. But ultimately, it’s a collection of smart stuff in a lame box.
The Lumia 1020 isn’t “cool” enough for me
Nokia’s newest smartphone is a marvel of optical design. But the Lumia 1020 specs falter in a big area: color selection. Here’s why that’s disappointing.
“You’re Just Gonna Put A Case On It Anyway” Isn’t An Excuse
Smartphone cases keep your phone protected, insulated from drops and the elements – but their existence shouldn’t make up for lackluster phone design.
What Does the Galaxy Note 3 Need to Not Be Another Disappointing Upgrade?
The Galaxy Note 3 is still months away. In light of the modest Galaxy S 4, we’ve made a Galaxy Note 3 wish list. Read what we expect from the Galaxy Note 3!
Gorilla Glass Killer? How Sapphire Could Save Us From Scratched-Up Phone Screens (Video)
Sapphire is more than twice as strong as Gorilla Glass, but how do engineers shape this miracle of mineral science into a scratch-proof smartphone screen? Watch our video to see for yourself.