Google begins slow death of Hangouts as group video calls now switch to Meet
Now if you open a group chat in Hangouts and tap on the video call icon, it automatically creates a Google Meet group video call link.
Google Chat replaces Hangouts Chat in support docs, also appears in trademark filing
Google’s trademark application submitted before the USPTO clearly defines Google Chat as an instant messaging platform for exchanging media.
Slow death of Hangouts begins April 16, consumers not affected
In fact, this will impact G Suite customers, more likely on the enterprise side of things. We know that Google Voice integration will be saved.
Google kills Allo sooner than it will kill(?) Hangouts
Shortly after rumors piled on about recent internal shakeups with Google’s messaging clients, Google came to confirm the news: Allo is dead.
Google: Hangouts users to be migrated to Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meet
A G Suite lead says that remaining Hangouts users will have a safety net in messaging with Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.
Google Hangouts may shut down in 2020
We don’t know when exactly Hangouts will be going away, but given how much neglect this messaging client has faced, we wouldn’t be surprised.
Google leaves Allo for dead, shifting its focus on Android Messages and universal ‘Chat’ technology
Technically, Allo is not dead… just yet. But you may want to switch to Android Messages already, and get ready to forget all about archaic SMS technology.
Hangouts Meet and Chat are Google’s refreshes in productivity communication
The two new communication apps get G Suite app integration. As such, Google Drive gets a boost in features for enterprise users
Why do I need 5 chat apps?
You shouldn’t need five chat apps
When the Internet was coming into its own back in the ’90’s,…
You can now join Google Hangouts video calls without a Google account
Using Google Hangouts for video calls has never been easier, as external guests can now join the conversation in seconds, even without a Google account.
Google gives Android ability to send Hangouts messages via voice
New Google Hangouts voice support for Google Now lets you send IMs with the power of your voice.
Google launches Messenger app for SMS/MMS, separate from Hangouts
Learn about the release of Google Messenger and why it’s so odd, considering Google’s recent focus on Hangouts above all else.
Google Voice coming to Hangouts: the good, the bad, the ugly
Google Voice coming to Hangouts will happen eventually, but what are the drawbacks, and why is it taking so long?
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On Wednesday, Google re-branded its Talk messenger service to Hangouts. How will the Google Hangouts app change how we communicate? Read on to find out!