Hackers can retrieve “deleted” items off of any phone
Recently deleted files, including photos, can stick around in your phone’s system for up to 30 days after you have pressed the “Delete” button.
iPhone and Android vulnerability found affecting Bluetooth
An iPhone and Android vulnerability has been discovered, one that is related to Bluetooth. A hacker could hijack all data transmitted via Bluetooth.
T-Mobile website features a plug-and-play hack that could expose customers’ details
All hackers had to do is find the site on a search engine, input a customer’s phone number and reap the data. A similar sort of bug was found last fall and back in 2015 at this company.
OnePlus confirms credit card security breach, up to 40k users ‘may be’ affected
A whopping 40,000 people who used their credit cards on the official OnePlus website between mid-November 2017 and January 11, 2018 may have had their financial info compromised.
OnePlus credit card payments halted for time being
After reports of credit card fraud following purchases at OnePlus’s website, the company is temporarily only accepting payments through PayPal.
Some OnePlus credit customers’ data may be at risk
A lot of those customers were from the United Kingdom, who have been stewing in forums for the past couple of months. OnePlus says it’s investigating.
Uber hid data breach from customers, paid hackers to keep silent
57 million users and drivers had their names, mobile numbers and emails leaked out. 600,000 drivers also had their license numbers exposed.
Qualcomm and OnePlus respond to one root backdoor, hacker finds data dump function
One hole is getting patched (somewhat) while another allows for personal data, including location, to be recorded, dumped and taken away.
Cybersecurity firm seemingly dupes iPhone X’s Face ID using cheap mask
Is Face ID on the iPhone X not as impenetrable as Apple claims? Maybe, but tricking the facial recognition tech is hardly possible at home.
Essential Phone patched of KRACK with Android 7.1.1 update
The Essential Phone is getting a fix for one scary Wi-Fi vulnerability. On the other hand, some big feature improvements are also in this update.
Latest iOS 11.1 beta and watchOS, macOS, tvOS betas have WPA2 KRACK fix
Apple’s software platforms are being patched for the recent Wi-Fi WPA2 security standard exploit. You can engage in the beta.
Wi-Fi WPA2 standard subject to KRACKS — key reinstallation attacks
The encryption keys that your phone or computer and your Wi-Fi router may not be as safe as you think they are. The scramble is on for a fix.
Hackers may have taken customer data right off of T-Mobile website
T-Mobile’s website allowed the input of script from anyone and enabled the extraction of key data like IMSI and email accounts.
White House chief of staff has been using compromised cell phone all year
John Kelly joined the White House payroll in January and became chief of staff in late July. The White House is looking into his pre-Trump travel.
Malicious code on replacement screens may attack your Android phone
Or, for that matter, on any replacement part that has its own driver. But given how often screen breakages are reported, that’s one place to look at first.
Is the Moto Z2 Force a true show of force? | #PNWeekly 263
This week on our show, we talk with Digital Trends’s Julian Chokkattu about what we saw at the #HelloMotoWorld event. Also, more screens for Meizu!
Samsung quickly brushes off Galaxy S8 iris security concerns, though it’s still looking into the ‘issue’
Is the security of iris recognition technology on the Galaxy S8 an “issue”? Probably, although Samsung thinks a hack is difficult to happen in reality.
BixRemap brings back Bixby Button remapping on Galaxy S8, but for how long?
Samsung has been quashing grassroots groundwork to be able to reprogram the Galaxy S8’s Bixby Button, setting up for a literal Dave vs. Goliath battle.
Verizon chops Yahoo’s price by $350 million, still a $4.5 billion deal
The telecom is still valuing the deal at nearly $4.5 billion for a user base of about 1 billion. Digital content and ad-feeding prospects outweigh scandals.
Replacing Emy with “OK Google” on the Huawei Mate 9
You can trigger the on-board Emy or Amazon Alexa assistant, but you can’t call out “OK Google” and expect Google search to pop up unless you hack it.
The iOS 911 vulnerability was reported in 2008, usable in 2016
That’s because Safari knows how to handle a webpage’s code when it triggers a phone call nowadays. But that web browser within social media apps? Nope.
Some employees knew of massive email security breach since 2014, Yahoo admits
The attack, labeled as coming from a state-sponsored source, was first picked up by Yahoo. It was alleged to have affected more than 500 million accounts.
Indian government may buy Cellebrite hacking solution
The Forensic Science Laboratory wants to acquire a tool to decrypt phones with iOS 8 and, potentially, other Android phones.
iOS vulnerability causes iPhones to repeatedly call 911 after retrieving malicious link
The police department in Surprise, Arizona took in more than 100 calls in just a few minutes from iPhones repeatedly dialing 911. All from a Twitter link.
Google Assistant can be hacked into Android Nougat devices other than the Pixel
As long as your phone is running Nougat and you have it rooted, you can do a quick and dirty changeup and possibly screw up other features in the process.