Super-cheap UNREAL Mobile service now available for GSM phones

After only supporting a limited number of devices fitted for Sprint, the new prepaid carrier can now accept most unlocked phones.

Three UK ends sales of 3G phones, still operates network

The HSPA network will be left up for devices that support it, but Three just won’t sell phones that don’t have LTE on them.

Another batch of new-ish US unlocked Galaxy S8 on eBay down to $499

Just in case you want an unlocked Galaxy S8 but missed out on an earlier eBay sale, there’s another one we can point you to.

Unlocked BlackBerry KEYone for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon goes $50 off to $500 today only

With an epic battery in tow, great camera, reasonable horsepower and especially a QWERTY keyboard, the $500 BlackBerry KEYone looks like a bargain.

Qualcomm says modem sales to Apple are declining in the midst of lawsuits

Apple and Qualcomm are locked into litigation over anti-competition accusations and failure to hold to licensing terms. The situation has gotten messy.

Unlocked Galaxy S8 passes into FCC inspection

Samsung usually takes a few months to roll out unlocked US units in deference to its carrier partners. We may see the S8 series drag out to August.

AT&T shuts down 2G network successfully

The end of GSM and EDGE service on AT&T has come. It actually did at the start of the year. So, where to go now? 5G, baby.

Moto Z Play is half-off at Best Buy with Moto Z purchase

You’ll end up paying $925 for two phones. And while they’re pretty decent phones in their own rights, it’s the holidays and we should expect bargains!

Amazon continues unlocked Moto Z discount at $499.99

It brought the modular smartphone down to shy of $500 on Cyber Monday, now we’re seeing it back down in that territory as we near Christmas.

iPhone 7 Plus modems analyzed, Qualcomm deemed better than Intel

That is according to tests done that show a large and consistent cell reception performance gap between GSM and CDMA iPhones.

AT&T iPhone 7 connectivity issues pop up

T-Mobile customers had their issues with older iPhones taking on iOS 10. Now it’s the newest iPhone’s turn to get problems with AT&T.

Unlocked Sprint variant of 128GB Galaxy S6 for $410 on eBay

You can put this Galaxy S6 on AT&T, T-Mobile or even Sprint and chug all the data you can into it. The phone’s on a major price cut on eBay.

NIH: cellphone cancer risk small, irradiated rats lived longer

There’s more evidence that cellphone radio waves are carcinogenic, but the control group of rats in this study fared worse than the irradiated ones.

Hack an unlocked HTC 10 to work on Verizon in minutes

In a few easy steps, you can hack on Verizon compatibility to your unlocked HTC 10. It’s made possible thanks to some developers at XDA.

The end of 2G for AT&T slated for this year

Change is finally happening on the back-end of progress. As LTE keeps evolving, AT&T says it’s set to let go of 2G by the end of the year.

Xiaomi Mi 5 could theoretically be used on any US network

LTE? Sure. All the bands. GSM? Yep, of course. But CDMA? Funny enough, that gets supported on the Xiaomi Mi 5, too.
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