Pocketnow Daily: Samsung’s New IMPRESSIVE Battery Technology! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the new technology that we might see in the battery of future Samsung devices, a new Huawei prototype and more

Silicon lithium-ion could bring 10 times the battery capacity at lower cost

Researchers in Canada are looking into how silicon could be made to support lithium-ion batteries with 10 times the capacity of today’s batteries.

Will Samsung have the balls to make a graphene battery? | #PNWeekly 281

Graphene as a battery material has been floating around for decades, but will Samsung finally get to harnessing its power? We discuss on our show!

Samsung plays with graphene balls; when’s the battery revolution coming?

The patents are being applied for and this looks like yet another promising sign that the battery revolution is coming. But is it really?

Pocketnow Weekly 056: two hours of your tech questions, answered

For episode 056 of the Pocketnow Weekly mobile technology podcast, five guys distill a month of listener mail into a 2-hour onslaught of knowledge-dropping.