ARM announces first 7nm processor core, Cortex-A76

The company also announced two complementary GPUs for AI-enhanced gaming graphics and for vibrant 4×4 full HD video walls.

Hurt by Apple beyond repair, the entire Imagination Technologies Group is now up for sale

Incapable of properly recovering after a heavy blow from longtime partner Apple, the UK-based Imagination Technologies Group is seeking bidders.

Imagination selling processor biz, automation licenses to focus on defending PowerVR

The company sells GPUs for Apple’s iPhones, but it might not have that contract in the next year or so. So, the fight begins to defend the core IP.

Apple has indeed been working on its own iPhone GPU design, and Imagination isn’t happy

Longtime Apple partner and PowerVR GPU maker Imagination Technologies has confirmed future iPhones may pack in-house graphics processing units.

Imagination Technologies announcing Furian architecture for Series8XT chips

Series8XT chips are expected to implement the architecture with integrated products going to market next year. Maybe that includes the iPhone 9?

Apple may utilize next-gen PowerVR GPU in iPhone 8

The Series8XT chips are said to be coming early next year and it is rumored that Apple’s next iPhone will hop right on that graphics gravy train.

Snapdragon 835 benchmark affirms octa-core design

Some impressive GFXBench results show a marked improvement for the Adreno 540 GPU driving a quad HD from an Adreno 530 running at full HD.

Apple could still get in the GPU design game with help from former Imagination execs

Apple has probably not given up on its dream of designing mobile GPUs in-house, hiring several Imagination veterans instead of buying the company.

Samsung could license GPU for Exynos from NVIDIA or AMD

Signs point away from Qualcomm involvement in future Samsung smartphones, but challenges, including a negotiation over new GPUs, could stymie progress.

Apple A10 Fusion chip takes iPhone 7 to four cores

The Apple A10 Fusion chip is something new you’ll find on the…

Apple could soon acquire Imagination Technologies to start designing its own GPUs

Apple isn’t content just designing A-series CPUs internally, as it reportedly wants to buy Imagination Technologies and develop its own GPUs too.

iPhone 6 may feature more realistic lighting in games thanks to new GPU?

There’s no denying that one of the biggest reasons why we enjoy…
Force GPU Rendering

What is Force GPU Rendering in Ice Cream Sandwich?

When Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was announced we were told that,…