Rogers spending $100 million to cover 1,000km of rural Canada with LTE

The money will go towards covering roads out of smaller regional centers to rural towns and provide any caller access to emergency services.

US cranks pressure on UK over Huawei, 5G

DC officials are telling their London counterparts that Huawei can still send data back to its home government and circumvent hardware inspections.

Huawei’s Android alternative OS now viable, it confirms

Chairman Richard Yu said that it does have a “plan B” in place if it has to cut ties with American businesses amid ongoing legal turbulence.

5G key to China’s growing surveillance economy – take paying for a train trip

The Shenzhen Metro is testing out new tech with 5G and AI in mind like patrols and inspections with robots and drones. And what about facial recognition?

New T-Mobile extends wholesale data pricing lock-in, won’t on consumer pricing

If Sprint and T-Mobile are allowed to merge, prospective CEO John Legere would allow smaller carriers to use its network at current rates forever.

US: Germany should cut Huawei from 5G or we’ll cut intel ties

The United States is warning Germany that it will not share intelligence with the country at the same level as it is currently if Huawei is building 5G.

In Qualcomm anti-trust battles, Korean FTC could be its ticking time bomb

As part of antitrust mitigation measures it’s obligated to fulfill, Qulacomm has to renegotiate a bunch of patent licensing deals. It hasn’t happened.

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Huawei P30 teaser

Huawei lawsuit against US allows for public relations campaign to fluorish

The US government and Huawei are locked in several legal battles at the moment. The tech manufacturer is looking to make headway in its reputation.

FCC puts T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint in public comment limbo

The commission’s regulatory review process for the combination between the third- and fourth-largest carriers in the nation will run through the spring.

T-Mobile spent $195,000 on Trump hotel since Sprint merger announcement

T-Mobile has reportedly spent 52 nights at the Trump International Hotel in Washington while hashing out the merger with lawyers and regulators.

Trump campaigners still talking about nationalized 5G network

The Trump administration had proposed a wholesale 5G network before to heaps of criticism. Why is the re-election campaign making a big deal of it?

Facebook confirms it’s in talks with the FTC, sources say over privacy settlement

The FTC has been determining if Facebook broke its promises to beef up privacy protections for its users in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
Huawei P20 Pro review

Canada’s Telus considers government’s prospective Huawei ban an investment risk

Huawei provides an affordable option to other cellular network equipment vendors and carriers like Telus want that quite badly. But are strings attached?

Sprint, T-Mobile executives grilled in Congress on merger

The carriers had few allies on Capitol Hill today as many representatives and working groups have decried the proposed merger between Sprint and T-Mobile.

Senators confront FCC on carriers throttling streaming video

Lawmakers want answers as to if the nation’s wireless networks are throttling their customers’ streaming video without proper disclosure or even reason.

US lawmakers want sanctions on ZTE enforced if it fails on Trump terms

Chinese telcom player ZTE has plenty of attention from senators as it continues to face punishment from sanctions violations and fraud.

FCC defends “information service” classification in net neutrality trial

The government makes the case that internet service providers are telecommunications services and aren’t subject to heavy regulation.

LG G8 ThinQ battery revealed to be 17 percent larger than G7’s

The LG G8 ThinQ will definitely need a larger battery than its predecessor if the company plans on packing more parts into its phones.

Group FaceTime eavesdropping bug was apparently reported to Apple more than a week ago

In the mobile world, some bugs can take forever to squash, if ever at all. But Group FaceTime was just released to high demand. What’s wrong here?

India-made phones may get pricier quicker with new government deadline, Samsung warns

The company may decide against producing more Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 phones out of the country if a new tariff comes into place sooner than expected.

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Google gets FCC waiver to progress with Project Soli gesture controls

Google’s skunkworks project that could allow users to control their devices by waving their hands in the air has received a green light for more testing.

FCC shutdown may impact smartphone launches, Sprint/T-Mobile merger

Could the government shutdown delay the launch of the Galaxy S10 as well as a review of the proposed merger of Sprint and T-Mobile?
LG building

LG the latest to support South Korea’s lawsuit against Qualcomm

Samsung dropped out of supporting the Korean Fair Trade Commission’s lawsuit against the semiconductors company for an anticompetitive charge.