Gorilla Glass 6

Gorilla Glass 6 will take your phone one step closer to indestructible

Corning announced the latest Gorilla Glass 6, and it promises to take your phone one step closer to indestructible thanks to added drop resistance.

My love/hate relationship with glass-backed smartphones

You could say that the cracked back of my HTC U11 is completely my fault and I will agree that I share some blame in it. If I had kept in it a case all the time or if I would have been a bit more careful, the phone would have never chipped in the first place.

Apple’s US manufacturing fund gives $200 million to Corning

The company that makes the display glass on your iPhone and on a ton of Android and Windows phone, too) is getting money to keep jobs in the US.

Corning develops Gorilla Glass SR+ solution for tougher next-gen wearables

Gorilla Glass SR+ is Corning’s latest innovation specifically designed for wearable devices to better resist scratches, bumps, knocks and scrapes.

Corning responds to Galaxy Note 7 scratch test, defends Gorilla Glass 5

After JerryRigEverything scratched the Galaxy Note 7 up a treat, Corning had some explaining to do about its Gorilla Glass 5.

Vibrant Gorilla Glass may change the look of glass-encased phones

The new Vibrant Gorilla Glass process lets companies print high-quality imagery right on the glass protecting their phones.

‘Turtle Glass’ Samsung trademark sparks Gorilla Glass replacement gossip

Based on a Samsung trademark application for mysterious Turtle Glass technology, one could speculate Gorilla Glass will leave the Galaxy S7 equation.

ZTE Axon introduces new type of Gorilla Glass

Learn about the special antimicrobial Gorilla Glass first arriving on smartphones with the new ZTE Axon.

All HTC One M9 screens may not be created equal, with some using last-gen glass

A new rumor sparks an HTC One M9 Gorilla Glass mystery: just what kind is your phone using?

Corning launches Gorilla Glass 4 with enhanced drop protection

Corning aims to protect your phone from shattered screens with its new Gorilla Glass 4.

DIY Gorilla Glass protection becomes affordable with dbrand glass

Get to know the new line of dbrand glass screen protectors, an add-on layer of Gorilla Glass 3 to guard your display.
Pocketnow Power User

Pocketnow Power User: What you need to know about screens, part 1 (video)

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. What about people with glass phones? Let’s talk about the glass that covers your screens.

Corning still talking smack about sapphire; does it have a point, or is it just worried?

We’ve heard Corning sapphire warnings before, pointing out how the material may be inferior to Gorilla Glass, and the company is back with new complaints.

Have you ever broken a phone? (Poll)

Have you ever broken a phone? Several of us here at Pocketnow have, and some of us have not. Take part in our poll and tell us if you have, too!

Scratch-proof or shatter-proof: what’s more important for smartphone screens?

The great debate is among us: sapphire vs Gorilla Glass. Read why we like the sound of sapphire’s resilience against scratches over Gorilla Glass.

Corning to make 3D Gorilla Glass for wearables

There’s no denying that Gorilla Glass has become one of the best-known…

Samsung acquires 7.4% of Corning, signs long-term Gorilla Glass deal

Corning has been famous for giving us durable glass displays on smartphones…

Gorilla Glass vs sapphire, Corning sees no real threat

We’ve been huge fans of future possible sapphire solutions for smartphones ever…

Corning Warns: Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Screens Still Damage-Prone

Find out why sapphire smartphone screens may not be the clear alternative to Gorilla Glass.

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Gorilla Glass Killer? How Sapphire Could Save Us From Scratched-Up Phone Screens (Video)

Sapphire is more than twice as strong as Gorilla Glass, but how do engineers shape this miracle of mineral science into a scratch-proof smartphone screen? Watch our video to see for yourself.

Sapphire Could Make the Scratch-Free Smartphone Dream Come True

Sapphire-based smartphone displays could well be the next big thing for Android, iOS, Windows Phone – you name it. Read on to learn more about the future of scratch-free mobile phones.

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Sapphire Screen vs. Gorilla Glass: Scratch Test (Video)

See for yourself just what kind of damage a smartphone screen made of synthetic sapphire can hold up against.

I Just Destroyed My Nexus 4 (Video)

Watch as Joe the Android Guy shows you what happened to his Nexus 4, what he could have done to prevent it, and how he’s going to deal with it until his replacement phone arrives