AT&T Prepaid officially takes GoPhone’s place, sign up now and get two months free

AT&T Prepaid is the logical new name of the carrier’s service previously known as GoPhone, with new lines eligible for two free months (of the first 12).

AT&T GoPhone transitioning to AT&T Prepaid name

How soon will AT&T be no-go and all “Prepaid”? Will the Death Star finally adopt a lame name while Cricket gets to keep chirping on?

Big Huawei deals start today, run through June 17

From Windows-running MateBooks to Android media tablets and wearables and a phone, too, it’s “Dads & Grads” discount season for Huawei.

AT&T GoPhone customers can get unlimited data (with caps) for $60 a month

The best AT&T GoPhone monthly prepaid plans still cost $40 and $60 respectively, getting big upgrades from 4 and 8GB high-speed data to 6 and unlimited.

AT&T picks up modest LG Phoenix 3 for March 10 prepaid launch, but why?

The AT&T-exclusive LG Phoenix 3 is seemingly based on the “international” low-end K4 (2017), inexplicably looking worse than the Phoenix 2 on paper.

Cingular Flip Phone Review: Can You Go Back to a ‘Dumb’ Phone? (Video)

When’s the last time you saw a “dumb” phone reviewed? Here’s what we think about AT&T’s Cingular Flip Phone after taking it for a nostalgic spin.

More high-speed data for AT&T GoPhone plans, too

In addition to offering high-speed data supplements, AT&T is raising the base level of data you get every month on its prepaid GoPhone plans.

Verizon terminates low-cost prepaid plans, charging $45 and up for monthly smartphone service now

In response to AT&T GoPhone data add-on improvements, Verizon has oddly discontinued its cheapest smartphone and basic phone prepaid plans.

AT&T GoPhone prepaid plans get more data for less

You can now add 3GB high-speed data to the 6 included as standard with a $60 monthly AT&T GoPhone prepaid plan for an extra $20.

Can you get your work done on a $70 smartphone: LG Phoenix 2 quick review

Let’s say you had to buy a new phone and have less than $100. Can you get your work done on a $70 smartphone: LG Phoenix 2 quick review!

More lines, more discounts for AT&T GoPhone plans

AT&T’s prepaid unit, GoPhone, has another layer of discounts if you’re ready to jump on with your family, friends and/or colleagues.

AT&T GoPhone BOGO deal on phones starts July 22

If you’re strapped for cash, but need a new phone (or two), you might want to take a look at what AT&T’s offering starting Friday.

AT&T GoPhone brings Kyocera Hydro SHORE to Walmart

Walmart will have a budget-friendly and water-resistant smartphone from Kyocera and AT&T starting July 16. Too much compromise or just a better burner?

AT&T GoPhone plans get a bump in high-speed data caps

If you’re on an AT&T GoPhone plan and have always wanted just a little bit extra to get you through the month, the carrier’s giving it to you May 27.

There’s another AT&T GoPhone and it’s the LG Phoenix 2

Yep, there was actually an LG Phoenix before this one, all the way back in 2011. We are getting another one starting today.

AT&T’s SpareOne Emergency GoPhone might save your life some day

The SpareOne Emergency GoPhone is a product you hope you’ll never have to use, but will be happy you had if you need it.

These are currently the best prepaid solutions available in the U.S.

Plan pricing for prepaid solutions are better than ever, but which is the best? Learn about the best prepaid plans in this in-depth breakdown!

AT&T announces Nokia Lumia 635, HTC Desire 610 availability

The Nokia Lumia 635 and HTC Desire 610 have been announced as two new phones on AT&T and AT&T GoPhone. Learn when and how to get your hands on them.